Katsugeki Touken Ranbu Episodes 4 + 5: These Guys Seriously Need An Actual Strategy


Review Episode 4:

You know, it sounds like a great plan for protecting time and all, but apparently anthropomorphized swords aren’t particularly good at strategy. After the last arc where they kind of knew the time and place of an attack and they more or less just waited around until it was mostly too late to stop it, at the start of this arc where they know the time and place they mostly just wait around until it is almost too late to stop it. Genius.


We get more of the silent, surly boy sword this time and I’ll admit, I like his fighting style so I could happily watch more of him, but he gets hurt toward the end of the episode while the others flail about trying to regroup after utterly failing to realise where the danger was going to come from.


Of course we end on a flashy arrival by another time traveller so I guess we’ll see what happens next, next week.

Review Episode 5:


See, the enemy actually has a contingency plan and while they didn’t succeed at their overall objective, they certainly made a mess of the city by the end of this so you would assume there would be some fall out in the future. Meanwhile, the show attempts to bring some tragedy to the table but unfortunately that would require me to have made some kind of emotional connection with the character they chose to throw under the emotional bus and to have not have seen it coming from the minute they realised he wasn’t trying to get past them on the bridge.


Oh well. Once again, some spectacular fight sequences to watch and some pretty good music.

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