Katsugeki Touken Ranbu Episode 13: History Was Saved, Though Why That Matters Is Still a Mystery



And they met with their old master, defeated the thousand enemies, watched their master die, and then they went on a next mission. The End.


Alright, that probably isn’t fair to the show. They actually did manage to make the two swords reuniting with their master fairly emotive in the end, which was a fair effort given how little I care about these characters.


And they also managed to make the final battle truly beautiful, though this show has always been pretty and the fight sequences have been its strength all along. What bothers me is that suddenly the master can use all his strength to send all the swords to the same time period. Really? Just having him collapse doesn’t change the fact that this breaks a pre-established rule and kind of a point of tension in that only so many of them could be sent. More importantly, enemies that used to be good for extended fight sequences are now cut through like they are made of butter. For all the spectacle, there is no tension in this sequence.


But the story has ended and everyone is back together and continuing on to protect history from… I still don’t even know. This show has never once cared to explain the motive of the enemy so I really don’t see why I should care.

A disappointing ending to an anime that never managed a story half as good as its visuals. I’ll get around to reviewing this later but I’m just going to point out that telling me the movie version is coming at the end of this episode is counter productive. After sitting through this series the last thing I want is more of this story.

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4 thoughts on “Katsugeki Touken Ranbu Episode 13: History Was Saved, Though Why That Matters Is Still a Mystery

  1. I will forever be confounded by actually interesting stories with incomplete endings being stalled after a season while things like these get more content. What even.

    1. I know. This is getting a movie and yet other shows a continuation of any sort is nowhere in sight. Still, you can’t please everyone and I’m certainly not watching any more of this regardless.

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