Katsugeki Touken Ranbu Episode 11: Teen Sword Drama?



This episode is really dramatic. In case you don’t pick that up because fo the actual characters or performances, the music is sure not going to let you forget it. It just screams drama for almost the entire final third of the episode. Possibly if I was more invested in these characters it may have actually worked nicely but to be honest I was kind of just waiting to see if they’d actually fight or not.


Kunihiro has disappeared after seeing his former master last week and we’re going to spend a lot of time this week rehashing the conversations about loyalty, preserving history and we’ll intersperse those with flashbacks of their former master.


As soon as he said this, it was kind of obvious where this plot line was going. He almost pushed Kunihiro into the role and I guess that kind of solves the problem of the series finding a villain we care about before the end. Why give us any information about the actual enemy or the ramifications of their actions when we can focus instead on internal squabbles within this second unit?


On the other hand, Kunihiro gave us the first actual bit of drama where the argument was clear and the consequences obvious. Though, that won’t do the plot any good if he gets himself cut down because then we’re just going to have to watch the swords sitting around all depressed again. So I guess now I’m curious as to whether they are setting him up as an antagonist, or if this really is just a minor drama point to lead us back into yet more conversations about loyalty. And of course, I already know that I’ll end up watching more because even a tiny bit of curiosity is usually enough to keep me watching something even when it isn’t good.

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