Katsugeki Touken Ranbu Episode 10: Protect the Future… Except the Bits We Don’t Like



I wondered if one of the our bishonen sword boys would actually start to wonder about whether they could change the future (just a little bit) rather than protect it. And hey, three of them are now in the era where their masters are and the masters are on opposite sides. So protecting one means allowing the other to fail and ultimately not achieve whatever grand dream they were trying to achieve with their life. Still, considering it is an obvious conflict to raise in the series, they stretch it out with a lot of nothing happening in the middle of the episode.


They patrol, watch, observe, search, and talk. So much talk and so many repetitive conversations. I actually don’t mind shows driven by dialogue, but here is seems like the characters speak sometimes just because there is nothing else for them to be doing.


By the time we get to the brief action sequences for the episode you almost kind of wish the plum tree fell on the guy if for no other reason than at least that would be something different. Early this season I said the 2nd Unit needed a better plan than wait around react. Well, let’s now apply that same criticism to their enemy. They need a better plan.

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