Kanata no Astra Review Episode 7


Forget Best of the Season, Astra Is Making a Run For Best Anime of the Year


Astra Lost in Space Episode 7

I should probably start this post with an enthused rehash of last week’s cheers and the declaration that I’m loving this story. Kanata no Astra goes from strength to strength and continues to build naturally on the drama and tension we’ve seen and draws us more and more into the story and these characters. And things are most definitely getting tense this week.


Charce, faced with Aries accusation at the end of the last episode is forced to go into flashback mode which normally I would kind of find annoying given the crew suspect him and yet they are going to allow him to exposition them to death, but it actually worked quite well. I also really enjoyed the Sepia tones they used during the flashback as it really fit with the anachronistic city Charce seems to have grown up in considering this anime has been fairly futuristic.


I did not expect the rest of the characters to burst into tears though and this is where I felt like I needed to go full on conspiracy theory. I’m not going to put money on it but it all just felt far too smooth. Honestly, it feels like Charce is playing them a little bit here and doing a great job of plucking just the right heart strings. That feeling was further reinforced when he went back to his room later and seemingly apologised to the picture.


Part of me wonders if he is apologising for making up a story about her in order to win the sympathy of the others. That would be dark but wouldn’t feel too much like a reach. Then again, he might just have genuinely felt bad after sharing that memory and the apology may have been legitimately because he felt bad about what happened to her.

However, if that wasn’t enough for twenty minutes of entertainment, Kanata no Astra throws another planet at us and right from the start things are not going well. It isn’t rotating apparently and so there’s only a narrow band where life might exist and as they fly into land we see that a hostile planet has bred hostile organisms. They run into trouble and crash, which is essentially game over for them because they have no means to repair the damage.


There are a few other surprises in store but honestly, this anime just keeps giving and giving. There are so many great moments and seeing the characters pulling together to try to stave off despair is pretty amazing. The danger never feels overly contrived and while the show hasn’t actually knocked off any of the cast it always feels like death is a possibility which makes the tension very real. It is great to watch and I’m really looking forward to the next episode because things are definitely going to change.


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11 thoughts on “Kanata no Astra Review Episode 7

    1. Absolutely. It started out interesting but the first episode had a few shakier moments but each episode after has just gotten better.

  1. Um, possible spoiler (maybe — it’s getting hard to tell with this show!), but…

    Little extra space in case this is a spoiler. Or I’m just blind.

    Am I the only one who thinks that Seira looks a lot like Aries?

    Though Charce calls the pictures Seira, so maybe not.

    “Honestly, it feels like Charce is playing them a little bit here and doing a great job of plucking just the right heart strings.”

    It’s great how the plot gives us enough to support either interpretation! This is good stuff!

    1. Someone pointed out that Aries and Seira are the same name backwards and I just rewatched the first few episodes and realised when Charce noticed Aries had two different colour eyes he told her that she reminded him of someone. Not to mention the whole opening where Aries name is written backwards and none of the other characters names are.
      And yet, that seems far too obvious at this point and wouldn’t Charce have remembered her more clearly? Unless of course the argument that all these kids are actually clones that I saw on someone’s blog a few episodes ago is correct.
      Of course, I also noticed while watching back in episode one that when they first got thrown into space and someone asked who had the communicator to the school it was supposed to be Charce but he said it was ‘gone’. Maybe they really just want us to suspect Charce.

    1. I had to rewatch the first few episodes again to confirm something about one of the characters and then I realised just how much set up they did for these characters in amongst the goofiness in episode 1 and 2. Hopefully the show ends well because it has done a very good job building up what has become a very compelling story.

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