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Suspicions and Paradise


Astra Lost in Space Episode 5

There are bombshells aplenty about to rain down upon the viewers in episode 5 of Astra Lost in Space. A fair warning now that there will be spoilers below.

The kids leave the mushroom planet having finally found a food source in the killer mushroom tree and fortunately after all their trials and tribulations find themselves landing in a basic beach resort surrounded by food sources that aren’t trying to kill them. However the levity of the beach scenes is sorely needed as this episode is possibly the most serious one yet.


For the first time since they left for camp, we’re given a look at what is happening on Earth. By the end of this episode the kids have been lost for 50 days and needless to say the search of the planet they were supposed to be on has turned up nothing. And so we meet the parents of the lost adventurers and realise that with the exception of Aries’ mother, the others are quick to rationalise the situation and accept that there is nothing they can do and the kids are gone.


Now that was somewhat suspicious given the number of people involved. We knew that Yunhua’s and Quitterie’s relationships with their mothers was not good however it seems very few of these kids are particularly close with their parent. Making Aries stand out yet again as a rare exception to the rule that seems to connect the group. However, what really made me suspicious was when Ulgar’s father, the Vice Principal said he felt like he was being torn apart (or something similar) and then Luca’s father, a Senator, used almost the exact same line. Almost like it had been a rehearsed demonstration of parental loss.


The other suspicious point they raised and made sure we paid attention to was that Luca’s father was getting DNA tested as part of some new law that he’d actually opposed. When we throw in the fact that Zack and Quitterie’s parents are working on some project to store memories it seems like there’s definitely something going on there (otherwise they are doing a great job with red-herrings).


Speaking of which, just when you think we’ve had all the big hits for the episode and the girls are now being silly as they tease each other about boys leading to Aries asking Kanata if he has a girlfriend (with predictably stupid results), the episode gives us one huge cliffhanger of an ending. One that felt earned and like it will have a decent payoff.


So fingers crossed that they nail the execution of where-ever this latest twist in the tale is going to take us because if they manage it this will probably cement Kanata no Astra as my favourite anime of the season.

The full series review can be found here.

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Images from: Kanata no Astra. Dir. M Andou. Lerche. 2019.

7 thoughts on “Kanata no Astra Review Episodes 5

  1. Okay, now that genetics come into play, once again: Funicia’s adopted? Really?

    Something’s very, very fishy – and I think Ulgar knows something, hence the cliff hanger. I can’t figure quite out what, but I’ve read some very plausible speculations based on the new law.

    Among my favourites this season.

    1. Something is very fishy and I feel like when they tell me I’ll probably wonder why I didn’t figure it out but I just can’t put it together yet. Which is making this really intriguing. They’ve given us enough to give us confidence that they have a plan but not given the whole game away. Very nicely done.

  2. I might watch this one, trough frowned upon routes or steaming sites. A lot of anime is blocked in the Netherlands by some big wig company inflating figurine prices and other stuff. I will support an official release when I can but Dutchies are oftenly denied for the wrong reasons.
    Will see how things develop for us and let the series run it’s course first though. It just looks too amazing to be denied.

    Love the new design thingies for the site, the colourscheme and buttons a lot.

    1. Glad you like the site update. That ended up taking significantly longer to finalise than I anticipated and made me realise why I don’t play around with my design very often. Once I changed one thing, everything else had to change.
      As to anime, I know how you feel. Until the last 5 or so years Australia was very much cut off from anime either for good or until it was well and truly old news. My initial fandom was very much fuelled through torrents. Fortunately, these days while there’s the Amazon exclusives that I can’t watch, most other anime come out somewhere I can access which is great news. Hopefully your access improves in the near future.

  3. I soooo want to see this show. I see it everywhere, and everyone is talking about it. Ugh….But well, that’s Holland for you lol. No, not complaing: still have a great time with the current shows, and I’m going to see this one eventually 😊

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