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Unmasking the Villain


Astra Lost in Space Episode 10

Okay, we’re up to the answer to the question we’ve had since the beginning when an idea of the traitor in the midst was first floated in Astra Lost in Space so if you are wanting to watch this without spoilers I’d strongly suggest not reading this review.


Naturally we begin the episode with Polina demanding an explanation of the kids not knowing what Earth was and the planet Astra. This led to a fairly in-depth discussion about historical events, similarities and differences and the ultimate conclusion that Astra is the planet that the people of Earth evacuated to prior to it being hit by an asteroid.


However, it also gave us the conclusion that someone had deliberately altered the history for people living on Astra and there are some glaring inconsistencies that I guess we’ll find out the cause or soon. I did like that the sphere is nicely explained as is the kids’ appearance above the frozen and dead world (former Earth). It all comes together in a very nice manner so even though we’ve got questions still, this series has been pretty satisfying in how it has delivered on its mysteries.


Putting aside all of those thoughts, the kids arrive on the final world before the home stretch and immediately begin scavenging food when there’s a touching moment between Kanata and Aries, right before Kanata is chased by the sphere once again. This actually leads Kanata to consult with Aries and put together an actual conclusion about the traitor and he then puts into action a plan to catch him.


I’m actually not sure whether I like that it is the person who has been most suspicious for a very long time or not but I do have to accept that this is a very logical reveal. After all, he’d been cornered previously and talked his way out of it but it had felt a little off at the time:

“I’m not going to put money on it but it all just felt far too smooth. Honestly, it feels like Charce is playing them a little bit here and doing a great job of plucking just the right heart strings. That feeling was further reinforced when he went back to his room later and seemingly apologised to the picture.”

Episode 7 Review

This was another solid episode and as usual left us wanting more but still with a lot to digest. That’s probably where this is different from a lot of shounen shows that spend a whole episode in build up to leave you hanging but what you got is pretty thin other than setting up a fight or the like. Here there’s a lot to get through and to process so even though there’s more to come you aren’t left feeling as disappointed.

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5 thoughts on “Kanata no Astra Review Episode 10

  1. Charce was the obvious traitor. Sometimes a series will make a character the predicatable foe, only to swerve the audience with someone else that doesn’t make sense. With that in mind I am okay with Charce being the evil doer, rather than say the puppet. With only two episodes to go I wonder if we will get an explanation for the Earth/Astra cover up.

  2. Man I really wished that it was not Charce. I really wanted it to be by some mind control, but you can’t help it sometimes. But, I am really interested in his reason why though.

    1. I definitely want to know his reason. Just knowing he was a clone isn’t really enough of a reason and I’d really like to know what lead up to his decisions.

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