Kakuriyo No Yadomeshi First Impressions


Another supernatural inspired anime for the Spring 2018 season and this one looks like it has some potential. What did you think?


Right from the start, this anime is kind of reminding me of Kamisama Kiss without quite the same degree of comedy interspersed over the top of an otherwise fairly serious story. Both the visuals and the characters so far feel very similar to that anime, and that could be a very good thing given how much I enjoyed that particular story.


The first episode delivers a promising introduction to a heroine that so far feels like a genuine person. She objects to the declaration she needs to get married but isn’t childishly throwing a temper tantrum either. Instead she’s looking for a real solution around the debt and by the end of the episode has potentially found a job that might just help her pay off her grandfather’s debt. While I could question the legality of the master’s documents, I somehow don’t think the demon is overly interested in a lengthy discussion on contract law and whether a granddaughter can be used as collateral, and whether demon or human law should apply in this situation is an argument that could really take too long to get through. Basically, accept the premise of this anime isn’t going to work for you.


While there’s only been a few premieres so far, this one is definitely something that I’m interested in following this season and it looks like it is going to have 26 episodes so I’m interested to see how the story develops from here. Hopefully this isn’t another Elegant Yokai Apartment Life disaster that after introducing an interesting premise fizzled fast.

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7 thoughts on “Kakuriyo No Yadomeshi First Impressions

  1. I think the premise is interesting. Aoi isn’t a push over either… But the animation itself is REALLY throwing me off. Aoi’s eyes never look consistent in any of the scenes, especially in comparison into the other characters… I’m really hoping that the animation cleans up a bit next episode and that I’ll still be watching.

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