Kado: The Right Answer Episodes 0 + 1



Shindo is a skilled negotiator who is on a plane that is essentially swallowed by a giant cube. The Crunchyroll synopsis tells me he’s going to end up negotiating between humanity and Yaha-kui zaShunina (the name of the guy in the cube).



I do not get why shows to an episode 0 and in this case it is perfectly skippable except that if you want to know why all these random people seem to care about Shindo when they think the plane is destroyed and then realise it is probably in the cube episode 0 does a nice bit of character building. I actually really enjoyed episode 0 but really, other than the last 5 minutes its really just a day in the life of (month in the life of) a character who is clearly important to the story this anime is going to tell. Also, we learn more about his partner who seems to be overlooked by everyone.


It kind of made episode 1 work better in that I kind of worried about the character too in a way that the few minutes we see of him at the airport in episode 1 wouldn’t really help me to understand anything about him other than his job. However episode 0 ends with what is essentially the beginning of episode 1, minus some introductions but we do get to see the giant cube.


The majority of episode 1 is then focussed on the Japanese government response and feels quite believable. We see the media scrambling, the departments meeting, the military assembling, and the science guy from episode 0 with the air of his loopy assistant trying to figure out what the cube is.


I’m going to be honest, this was slow story-telling but I’m kind of hooked. I have to know. While some of the animation hasn’t been awesome and there are more characters running around than I have names for at the moment, the set up here promises a lot and the music is probably the most spot on that I’ve seen yet this season. This is the first premiere of Spring that has instantly made me sit up and think that I want more now. I may change my mind in a few episodes but right now I’m putting this as a must watch.

Kado: The Right Answer is available on Crunchyroll.

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Karandi James.


6 thoughts on “Kado: The Right Answer Episodes 0 + 1

  1. I agree that you could pretty much skip episode 0, but it did provide some interesting background. That saud, as mentioned earlier, I really am quite intrigued by this series. I hope it can maintain this level of storytelling, and keep us entertained. Just as you yourself and anime_girls_NYC, I am keeping my fingers crossed 😊😊

    1. I think a lot of people might be put off by the slow pace of episode 0, still I found it helped enjoy episode 1 better. Why couldn’t they just give us a longer episode 1 with good pacing? Who knows, but it is definitely intriguing.

    1. There’s some interesting possibilities this season. Most are still just getting started (with a few yet to air) and a lot of first episodes show promise but could go either way. Still, I am far more excited for this season than last.

  2. I agree with many points. I don’t get what they had an episode 0. All it did was show how great a negotiator Shin-do is. But episode one was pretty good. I do like the show so far. I’m interested in what happens throughout the season. Fingers crossed it doesn’t mess up.

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