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I came to the conclusion while watching KADO this week that the question I’d been wondering about for most of the series was flawed. I’ve been trying to figure out what is going on with zaShunina and whether he is actually good or bad, but as this episode points out in relation to the WAM and Sansa, the terms have no meaning once you introduce a non-human element. Obviously, you could conclude from zaShunina’s actions in the second half of this episode that he is bad or evil, but that isn’t actually the case. He really kind of reminded me of Kyubey from Madoka in that he isn’t being bad, he just has a completely different set of values and agenda to consider.


That said, if you’ve been waiting for answers and explanations, this episode is going to give them to you. It does it in the usual fashion of heavy dialogue but there’s certainly enough going on visually to keep you enthralled. Besides, despite this not going the direction I thought it would, everything being revealed here makes sense.


Anyway, I’m really glad they finally gave Tsukai’s character a real explanation. She’s been a bit off for awhile and I really didn’t get her motives last week, nor did I really understand why she seemed so prominent in the opening theme. This week it all makes sense and when I rewatch this show I’m going to pay more attention to her.

Loved this episode. Love how this series has unfolded so far. Though, I rewatched this episode with a friend and their conclusion was that while it made enough sense it seems all too convenient that Tsukai was the negotiator chosen at the start all things considered. I had to concede the point. Given what we now know about her you do have to wonder how it was she just happened to be the one chosen so I’m kind of hoping an explanation is coming and it isn’t just plot convenience.

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9 thoughts on “KADO Episode 9

  1. Loved the episode too. Though I’m a bit worried about how it will end (please not a simplistic fight between Tsukai and zaShunina, I beg you, though I think it’s very unlikely).

    Tsukai’s revelation was enough to make me scream. Yeah, it doesn’t actually mean much, but I rarely scream when surprised, I just drop my jaw usually. Like when I read Keijo:
    my jaw hurts, but I’m voiceless.

    Tsukai’s status seems only temporarily or at least limited-use(s) only though, as the ring exploded. So I suppose I don’t have to fear in a shounen-like battle to finish everything, I need my dialogues, mental and wits battles with more explanation please.

    This season’ week-ends are wonderful for me.

    1. The weekends are pretty good this season. Although Wednesday is probably my other really fun day.
      I ended up dropping everything I was watching on Friday so that was a bit disappointing.
      I’m also really hoping that they don’t go for a fight final. It seems from the preview like there will be a fight but I’m hoping it is short lived and isn’t the climax because I’d really like the show to end the way it has gone all the way through with that dialogue heavy focus. It would make this truly different rather than just taking a different path to get to the same end result that any other show would take.

      1. Oh, wednesday? What’s on that day, Natsume I suppose?

        Well, to me it’s mostly because I get to watch Kado, Re:Creators and Quan Zhi Gao Shou (not really good for the story, the visuals are gorgeous though).

        Yeah, I think it won’t be long lived though. Since Tsukai’s anisotropic… state seems limited by the ring and not to mention three whole episodes still remain! Although it’s not to much, I don’t think a fight can last that long in such a show (this isn’t your usual shounen after all).

  2. Did you just hear that sound a couple of minutes ago? That was the sound of my jaw hitting the floor after the reveal at the end of this episode. Wow…really did not see that one coming. Not for one bit even. This episode was fantastic. Just as you yourself mentioned, the series is heading of into an entirely different direction that I thought it would. But it really does not matter, as everything this series has been doing is seriously awesome. I really, really hope that they are not going to botch the ending. That would be a real let down. But wow is this series utterly amazing. Glad I stumbled across it (even though it was by a complete accident). Can’t wait to see what happens next week 😀

    1. This is probably why people should just try everything at the start of the season rather than picking shows off their write ups. Kado wasn’t even on my radar until I tried the first episode. The same thing happened with ACCA last season. Hadn’t even heard of it and then it just amazed me.
      Next week is too far away. I really want to know now.

      1. Haha…so true. A week seems like such a long time, but oh well, it is already Tuesday, time luckily passes quickly now 😊 We will get the right answer soon enough 😉

  3. Lightly read this as I’m trying to get caught up on this series before I get too in depth with reading reviews. From what you and others have to say about the series though, it seems like it’s shaping up to be a real winner.

    1. It’s been a real joy to watch this season. I’m honestly not sure how it will end because there’s so many possibilities that would fit but I know that whatever it does I’m goign to be glued to the screen. Though, this is going to be one of those shows that is going to need a rewatch later to see if it is as good the second time round or if knowing what happens makes it weaker. I’d say probably not given I’ve already rewatched the first half – convinced someone to watch it with me and they needed a catch up. And even knowing what was going to happen, it was still pretty entertaining.

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