KADO Episode 6


Review (definitely spoilers if you haven’t watched the episode):

You know, we’ve all been asking what the deal with Shindo is and this episode decides to finally show part of its hand on this issue. Yes, Shindo is definitely no longer normal in the strictest sense of the word, however zaShunina attributes that to the processing for Shindo to leave the cube in the first place (given he was the first human to be processed) rather than the poor attempt at first communication so that was a bit of a surprise.


The Shindo focus continues this episode as he visits his mother, plans the relocation of the cube, and it is pointed out by the female negotiator that he needs to rest leading to the realisation by Shindo that he hasn’t been. Instead of leaving this plot point dangling the final part of this episode has zaShunina straight out acknowledge what we’ve all been thinking though as a next step I’m really not sure what zaShunina is up to.


I’m totally hooked on this at this point. The answers come when they are needed, there’s amusement at times in the dialogue which ensures that it doesn’t become a monotonous babble of science and politics, the characters are more and more endearing as the series progresses, and I am just completely curious about what the end game of this series might be.

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6 thoughts on “KADO Episode 6

  1. That’s exactly my thought as well. What IS the endgame for this series? I still don’t completely trust zaShunina. There must be some kind of reason for him to do all this, and I just can’t believe it is only out of the goodness of his heart (if he even has a heart lol). Still I just hope that this series will get a very satisfying conclusion. So far it has been a very enjoyable ride 😊😊

    1. Maybe humanity just grow up and we all live happily ever after?
      Okay, even I don’t believe that is a possible end game but wouldn’t that stun us all if they actually went there.

      1. Haha lol😂 Yeah, who knows it might actually end up that way. If it does, I really think you should change careers and become an animewriter lol 😂

        1. I’ve got a lot of theories about this show and absolutely no clue what the end game is at this point. And I’m kind of not worried about that. Normally it would bother me that I don’t know where it is going but in Kado’s case it really is part of the overall charm of the show that you aren’t ever quite sure what it is going to do next.

          1. Could not agree more. It’s one of those series that I can’t wait for to finally be able to see a new episode 😊

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