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After the UN made their declaration in the previous episode I was ready for Japan to either capitulate or defy and I was ready for the inevitable war to get rolling along or for zaShunina to do something really crazy but this show once again surprised me in the best possible way.

Even the reporters in this show expected that outcome.

While a lot of attention is given to the scientist who works in the lab (the one who wanted to crash a drone into the side of the cube and no I cannot remember her name at this point) during the episode, I am more interested in the older scientist’s observation about Shindo. It’s been observed previously that Shindo is too calm and collected and while even before episode 1 (in episode 0) he was shown to be fairly brilliant and flexible in his thinking, it seems odd to belive that a negotiator could help a scientist figure out wam in a matter of hours. There’s something up with that and it probably comes back to the direct communication with zaShunina in episode 1 but to be honest that is my speculation.

Episode Spoiler Ahead

However, here’s the bomb that zaShunina wanted to drop (admittedly it may not be and this is my interpretation of his previous statement and the events this episode):


For a show that has so far been all talk, they still manage to make things thrilling as you really just get caught up in the possibilities.

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3 thoughts on “KADO Episode 5

  1. I had been wondering about that too. Shindo is definitely too calm. And though he seemed to be that kind of a person anyway (judging from episode 1, and how calm he was when the plane was absorbed), he is just simply to cool now. I wonder if he’s under control in some way. I still do not completely trust zaShunina, though I can’t quite put my finger to it, why not. I really keep enjoying this series which seems to improve with every episode 😊

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