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They’ve emerged from the cube and finally negotiations are getting underway, but my question is what are they actually negotiating? Given zaShunina has already said the passengers will be released and he seems to be wanting to give information rather than receive it, stating that it is a negotiation seems a bit off. Then again, I’m kind of certain there’s more to it than altruistic higher order being giving humans advanced knowledge so maybe things will become clearer later.


I’m thinking this show is only going to have a very limited appeal to anime fans in general. It is incredibly dry with most of this episode being focussed on the set-up of negotiations, the press moving into position through security, or the negotiation itself. While the music is amazing and I’m finding the animation really pretty (some people disagree on that one), the slow pace of the dialogue heavy story is probably going to cause some people to walk away despite the fairly interesting nature of the discussion. Okay, the ideas are highly interesting, the delivery might be a little less so depending on your preferences. Despite that, I’m pretty hooked on this show right now.


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8 thoughts on “KADO Episode 3

  1. I’m hooked it now and can’t wait to watch what happened next as well. An interesting point I’m concerned is that Kōjirō Shindō, known as “tough negotiator”, is on zaShunina side, not on human beings side.

  2. I totally agree with you on the animation: I think it s very pretty as well. I do think that you are right about the show not appealing to everyone. It is slow (but in a very good way) and the subject matter is certainly not something that is seen in a lot of series. That said, I love it, and like you I am completely hooked. I can’t wait to find out what happens next 😊

    1. I like that so far it hasn’t been predictable. Everything has been logical, but you keep expecting soemthing to go wrong and things to escalate and yet the show is remaining surprisingly calm.

  3. I’m digging the show currently.

    However, I agree that the “negotiations” angle is kind of weird due to the setup. I mean, it makes sense to have a negotiation scenario crop up from all this but… Still I’m interested in seeing this one play out.

  4. im kinda curious what yaha-kui is trying to accomplish in the negotiation too. ive been running under the assumption that he’s testing the human suspicion, but i really have no idea how negotiations usually go

  5. Are spoilers allowed here? I personally, enjoy the show. As you said, many people are turned off by the CGI, but I don’t find it ugly at all. It’s just a style like another (do we want to talk about, glorious animation from Trigger studio? Or Shaft? What about Ping Pong animation, or again Tatami Galaxy?).

    It’s really interesting in my opinion. The pace is slow and it lacks action, but the anime isn’t about that. The Sci-fi element is strong and well done if I say myself.

    Negotiation are at a turning point now, I can only wait how mankind will answer (now, why the hell am I not writing this on my blog?)

    Oh, well. It’s just so nice to see others with similar tastes I suppose. Nice post.

    1. I get why some people will be turned off by the animation choice here (given I really couldn’t get into Mob Psycho 100 because I found it painfully ugly despite so many people praising its style).
      Agree that I am really enjoying the sci-fi side of things and hopefully KADO manages to continue strongly. Thanks for the comment.

      1. Don’t worry. I just enjoy talking about anime and 2D in general.

        Regarding Mob Psycho, i would suggest trying the manga… but as the art is, uhm how to say, even more particular than the anime adaptation, it may not be a brilliant idea. Nevertheless, it is really good, but I don’t think it’s nothing you won’t be able to live without watching or reading it (you will just lose one of the infinite chance of getting entertained that exist in the world of AMLNVN).

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