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KADO is going to remain hard to really explain (or really easy if you just list what actually happens in the episode). Firstly, with the exception of the way some of the characters move, which is at times creepy, this show is beautiful.


Throw in some incredibly ambiguous statements that could be interpreted more or less anyway the writers choose later on from zaShunina (who I was going to call an alien but he’s more of a biological interface produced by the cube based on what we saw this episode).


Add the usual science fiction moral about needing to think:

And what we get is an episode where there is a lot of talking, some really interesting concepts kicked around, a few truly great moments (the time negotiation on top of the cube was fantastically handled, actually most of the interactions between Shindo and zaShunina have so far been well done), but from a plot point of view we haven’t really moved yet. At the start of the episode zaShunina announces he wants to talk with the government, at the end of the episode they re-emerge from the cube to talk with the government. Most of the rest of the episode goes back and explains what was happening in the cube after the plane disappeared.

I’m really enjoying this though I can’t help but wonder if the progress of the story will be as interesting as this initial set-up. Meeting an ‘alien’ and establishing communication is infinitely more interesting than sitting around a table actually negotiating so I’m curious as to where the show intends to go next.

KADO: The Right Answer is available on Crunchyroll.

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6 thoughts on “KADO Episode 2

  1. Started watching this one over the weekend after reading your thoughts on the “first 2” episodes. It’s been pretty interesting so far. Not much else has really caught my attention this season (beyond the obvious and to a much lesser extant Love Tyrant) so hoping it stays pretty good.

    1. There’s a lot of cute and light fantasy this season, which is good in a way because I enjoy some of these a lot (others are a bit more of a miss). Still, if that isn’t your thing, and the usual romances and comedies don’t click there really isn’t a lot of variety this season. Really glad KADO came out this season as it is a bit different from the rest.

  2. Slow, cerebral and dense sci-fi is something I love to consume, so KADO is totally my thing! I can’t wait to see what happens next, I’m so excited to see what comes next, GAH SUCH A GREAT SHOW!!!

    1. This is one I wish had just come out in one hit (kind of like ReLIFE did). Mostly because waiting the week is kind of painful. I just want to see what comes next.

  3. That is definitely a good question. Where is this show headed next? I do think it will be interesting to see how they are going to negotiate, but the real question is what are they going to negotiate about? Just what are the intentions of the aliens, if indeed aliens are what they are. Even though the series moves along at a slow pace I was not bored by it for a single second. I find it very interesting and highly enjoyable so far, and I really do hope they can maintain this level of intrigue 😀

    1. The slow pace really hasn’t been a problem because, as you said, there’s just so many questions and so much intrigue so far. Really looking forward to next week.

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