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As this is the final episode, assume major spoilers ahead. Minimal ranting – I’ll save that for the whole series review.


You know, given zaShunina’s development as a character up to this point, it would have been really nice if the revelation that a copy of Shindo wasn’t Shindo had actually had some bearing on his choices. Instead, he casually explains he came to that conclusion and then we just move on. Why bother even including that bit of dialogue if it is meaningless? And if Shindo thinks zaShunina is finally becoming a human because he’s having a temper tantrum because things haven’t gone his way, what is Shindo’s actual opinion of people?

Great, from higher being with different values to Bond villain in less than 5 minutes of poor dialogue.

Of all the things I didn’t like about how this show ended, zaShunina’s treatment is the one that bothers me the most. It’s like the writers gave up trying to consider what it would be like for a being of a higher dimension to come to Earth and just turned him into your typical overpowered and cocky villain. This becomes really clear in the ‘I predicted’ speech where essentially all of Shindo’s planning in the previous episode becomes just another wasted exercise. And all of this, including the destruction of what was an interesting character, comes so that the writers can throw one final ‘twist’ at the audience that this show definitely didn’t need.

I know earlier in the season, one of my praises for the show was its lack of tropes. It was an intelligent sci-fi focussing on human reactions and politics and felt incredibly real. Well, let the final episode kill that as we go for:

  • Over the top villain speeches
  • Brave hero rushing to his death
  • Over powered high school girl showing up to save the day


Yep, KADO went there. And while the explainer they give for her existence makes enough sense to skate across the surface of logic it really does not fit with the show we’ve been watching. More importantly, if this was the surprise trump card, show up five minutes earlier. Her presence and actions just make Shindo’s death completely and utterly wasted and unnecessary.

I will review the whole series. I still think Kado is worth watching but with this ending, it really isn’t the must watch it could have been.

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Karandi James.


7 thoughts on “KADO Episode 12

  1. zaShunina is a terrifyingly-powerful being who, in his natural anisotropic state, knew no desire beyond the desire for more information. This desire is what compelled him to visit our universe and enact his plan, but by visiting our universe he also unwittingly conditioned himself to become a part of it, and thereby perhaps unintentionally gave himself the ability to feel emotions. zaShunina’s character arc is all about an incomprehensible cosmic being adopting our emotions, finding infinite value in them and ultimately being destroyed by them, and in that light his actions during the final episode are sensible.

    The first time zaShunina attempts to kill Shindo is in episode 9, and that is because zaShunina has not yet discovered an inherent love for human life and still regards humans as disposable tools that exist only for increasing his knowledge. During episodes 10 and 11, zaShunina comes to understand that in fact there is something about humans that he cannot comprehend but that regardless make them irreplaceable, and this discovery troubles him. In the final episode, zaShunina again attacks Shindo, but this time it is for more complex reasons- zaShunina still cannot overcome his perception that humans are insurmountably inferior to him, and yet he has also discovered that humans are uniquely full of information, indeed zaShunina interprets humans as being full of infinite information. Shindo refuses to join zaShunina in the anisotropic, and this enrages zaShunina to a level that I think it is possible to completely empathize with- remember, as an anisotropic being, zaShunina’s only desire is to gain more information, and her is Shindo, a person he has come to call a friend, basically saying that he will deny zaShunina the eternity’s satisfaction that he feels like he requires. At the same time, zaShunina is still grappling with a newfound set of emotions that confuse his mind and inflame his temper. Were zaShunina in a more stable state, he would have realized that he could find the fulfillment he so fundamentally desired by doing what Saraka did, stay in the universe and learn to think and feel as a human does. zaShunina was never able to let go of his belief that the anisotropic was superior to the universe, and this is why he did not find the right answer.

    I believe this is enough to address the “Over-the-top villain speeches” so now let us address our “brave hero”. Shindo Kojiro had to die during the final episode, because his encounter with zaShunina was the final possible way he could think of to finally have zaShunina realize the value of the human emotions he was coming to experience. Yukika was a last resort, Shindo was hoping that before she became necessary he could help zaShunina find the “infinite information” in himself, and thereby see that sacrificing humanity to the anisotropic was not the right answer. Unfortunately, even the feelings of loss conveyed through Shindo’s death were not adequate, zaShunina was not ready to accept and love his own emotions and so he had to be stopped.

    And now, to address Yukika. The daughter of Saraka (an anisotropic being who feel in love with the universe and adopted its mindset as her own) and Shindo (a being of the universe who was conditioned by zaShunina to understand the anisotropic), her existence is a synthesis of capability and understanding that makes her capable of greater comprehension than a merely anisotropic or universal being ever could. As comprehension is power in the Seikaisuru KADO universe, she is thereby more powerful than all other beings. It is true that she could have wiped out zaShunina without Shindo needing to get involved, but remember, Shindo was hoping to resolve the situation without requiring zaShunina’s death, so in fact Yukika’s later appearance was completely according to plan.

    I am still collecting my thoughts on Seikaisuru KADO, but it was undeniably one of my favourite series of this year and I am continually distressed by the unsatisfying interpretations people make of it. I only hope that this little bit of fanboy rambling has helped you maybe appreciate the show a little bit more.

    1. I don’t buy zaShunina being destroyed by emotions. His motives during that final episode were just illogical and he had no need or reason to kill Shindo given he’d already established that Shindo couldn’t stop him.
      As to the daughter, it is really just plot convenience that she ended up with useful abilities. Given the pot luck involved in inherited traits there was every chance that Shindo and Tsukai’s daughter would gain no useful abilities and very little guarantee she would be able to beat zaShunina.
      Thanks for your detailed comment and I am glad you enjoyed the episode.

      1. If you cannot believe that zaShunina was overcome by emotions, then you are excluding yourself from the only interpretation of his character that satisfactorily explains his actions during the last episode. I think clues had already been planted, especially in episode 11, hinting at the breakdown of zaShunina’s purely-rational mindset- remember him killing all the Shindo clones? You are right, he had no rational reason to kill Shindo at the end, it was a purely emotionally-driven decision and so it was not one that zaShunina was mentally equipped to second-guess, because he did not know how to cope with extreme emotional reactions.
        Considering that Yukika’s existence perfectly represents KADO’s message that two conflicting ideologies coming together can produce something greater than either of them alone could produce, I think it is inappropriate to say that her existence is a plot convenience- yes, she is a surprise, but her existence is also allowed for by the rules of KADO and she does not take the plot in a radically different direction. I see that you are really resistant to accepting Yukika, but surely you can see how silly it is to bring in Mendelian genetics when we’re talking about a being who’s the first of her kind produced from a union of two fundamentally-different beings in a world where something like a soul pretty much definitely exists.
        I have developed a more satisfying viewpoint on this show than you have, and I strongly suggest that you consider amalgamating mine with yours. After all, by combining our perspectives we will reach something that is closer to the right answer.

  2. Well, you already know my thoughts for it, I was disappointed by it as well. It was not thst it completely ruined the entire series, but the end certainly wasted a lot of great potential this series could have had by providing a better ending. I still enjoyed it enough just as you, but wow this could have been so much better. A real shame 😢

    1. You won’t be the only one (though my lurking has toned down as of lately). I still enjoyed the show overall, but I’m looking forward to see Karandi’s (far more critic, in a good way I mean) view on it.

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