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After episodes 9 and 10, I was starting to really worry about where this show was going for a conclusion. I’m still not 100% sold that this is going to end well, but episode 11 definitely made me hopeful that I should have high expectations.


Part of what helped was Shindo’s approach in this episode. He is still very much thinking through his options, considering the other party, considering what resources he has at his disposal, and generally doing his job and being quite competent. I really worried that with the introduction of Tsukai that humans would get sidelined during some final smack down that would not fit the tone or nature of the show. Admittedly, zaShunina and Tsukai did have a fight, but its done and Tsukai’s already lost. She’s taking a definite support role (or rather an advisory role) as Shindo puts his plans together.

The other part that made this episode far more promising than the previous two was that we started to put things together from much earlier in the series. Shindo goes back to the metal company he helped in episode 0 for assistance and also calls on crazy science girl for a new device. His plan is simple: surprise zaShinina. While most of those helping him think he is making a weapon, Shindo sees it very differently.


That said, I kind of thought of a much easier way to deal with zaShunina. He wants to take a human; I’m pretty sure we found a volunteer.


But that wouldn’t work if he wants to take all people or whatever and they’ve never really clarified given it seemed earlier that zaShunina would have been happy just taking Shindo.

On that note, favourite part of the episode was the ongoing development of emotions for zaShunina. Apparently even he realises that clone Shindo isn’t really Shindo. He never seems overly happy or satisfied when talking to Shindo and his treatment of the clones this episode just kind of makes it clear that zaShunina doesn’t see them as anything but cheap knock-offs.


I’m really looking forward to how this story will end. It may not end up being brilliant, but I know this anime has really been great fun to follow this season and I’ve loved thinking it through each week and waiting for the next episode.

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8 thoughts on “KADO Episode 11

  1. “That said, I kind of thought of a much easier way to deal with zaShunina. He wants to take a human; Iā€™m pretty sure we found a volunteer.”

    Literally thought the same thing when I initially saw that scene. She could easily go and likely would be happy to do so.

  2. Yeah, I was quite surprised in a very pleasant way to find out Shindo had no intention to fight, but to “negotiate”. Glad the show will continue on its initial path. Oh, yeah. Didn’t think about having mad girl scientist going instead of Shindo, thus resolving the problem. Whelp, she will definitely do something though, I’m looking forward to the finale.

  3. Well, just one more day until we find out. I have an evening shift tomorrow, but as soon as I get home, the first thing I will be doing is watching the final episode. Can’t wait to find out how it will end. Hopefully it will not disappoint.

    1. First thing I did when I got internet after a week away was watch. I’m not sure about how it has ended up though. Doing a rewatch before an attempt at reviewing occurs.

      1. I watched it yesterday evening, and I had the same reaction ( I even said so on Twitter šŸ˜€). I don’t think it was a bad ending, but I’m still not exactly sure what has happened honestly. I’m doing a rewatch of the episode later today as well. Might post a review for the series tomorrow šŸ˜Š

        1. I’m not sure when I’ll get a review out of either this last episode or the series but I’m really stumped. I still really enjoyed watching this but from a narrative point of view I’m not convinced this was a great ending. I may need to rewatch the whole series to clarify where I’m sitting after all of this.

          1. The problem with ending was that it felt rushed in some way…and there were also quite a few things that I just did not quite understand. It was a great series overall…but as far as endings go…I have seen way better ones šŸ˜Š

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