Kabukichou Sherlock Episodes 5 + 6 Review


Lucy and Kobayashi

I mentioned after watching episode 4 that what little appeal Kabukicho Sherlock had was wearing thing and episodes 5 and 6 do nothing to reverse that trend. Sherlock barely appears and his rakugo act is forcibly hammered into one of the episodes just for the sake of existing and neither episode has a mystery worth mentioning.


The focus goes in episode 5 to Lucy (and you’d be forgiven for having forgotten who that was) and then Kobayashi in episode 6. While Kobayashi’s episode was actually pretty decent as a stand alone piece that it comes only by side-lining the title character and making us realise that this story is much better when it doesn’t pretend to be a detective piece that really doesn’t do the overall anime many favours.


The gang of kids and Moriarty also get a little more focus across these two episodes and I will say they are by far the brightest spark this series has offered. I’d happily ditch the adult detectives in favour of following their exploits and learning more about their day to day lives as they get themselves in and out of trouble.

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Perhaps the most shocking revelation for me was learning this anime has 24 episodes in which to meander. Anime with driving stories and solid characterisation regularly don’t get 24 episodes in which to play and yet something this disjointed and unfocused has apparently been green lit in what can only be seen as an exercise in poor decision making. I suspect that this is meant to be an ensemble cast story but it lacks the ability to connect characters and ideas in a compelling way early on so that the viewer is willing to sit back and wait for developments to bring things together. Not to mention half the characters are no where near interesting enough to actually be part of an ensemble cast.


The other issue of course being that Kabukichou Sherlock doesn’t seem to have anything to say. Sure the residents are constantly chasing money and opportunities and they face danger however the detectives at least seem to have a minimum ability to band together in a time of need, but there’s no commentary or even thematic development. These ideas are just part of the setting. So it isn’t funny, it has lost a lot of the quirkiness, the cast are lacking, and the plot barely there, and so far it hasn’t really had a lot to say. All and all, Kabukichou Sherlock is looking like a dud this season.

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