Kabukichou Sherlock Episode 7 Review


Real Wives and USB Drives

It is amazing how when an anime is this ordinary how little it needs to do to feel like it has improved. This episode is arguably a very mediocre episode by every standard and yet as I watched Watson don the ludicrous and poorly thought out alias of Johnwa Kobayashi and look in the sex doll (sorry, AI wife) collection for a fried-egg USB drive I had to appreciate that I was at least more interested in the goings on this week then I have been for some time with Kabukicho Sherlock.


This week we meet our new client who turns out to be Sherlock’s brother and also the secretary of the mayor (or some big-wig) and he’s wanting the detectives to track down a USB drive that was stolen by the woman who used to tutor the guy’s kids, and probably had a relationship with him. Clearly he knows his brother well because he came prepared with a bribe in the form of a collector’s card that Sherlock was after. Where money won’t motivate him, that would but even then he only works via the proxy of Watson.


It seems weird but Watson’s case seems like it will just never get its time to shine and I’m really hoping his case wasn’t urgent (though given he’s had to give up his work as a practising doctor and he’s basically stuck couch surfing one would assume that there’s some urgency to getting his life back). And why has Watson never considered asking any other detective to deal with his issue? I know Sherlock was recommended but if the guy is flat out refusing to work your case surely you need to explore other options and not wash his dishes.

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By the end of this episode things are largely wrapped up except for the mystery of what is really on the USB. It kind of looks like that will carry over into the next episode but maybe they’ll just forget about it. As usual, the other detectives either get no screen time or only appear in order to demonstrate incompetence so there’s little character development on that front.


Kabukichou Sherlock remains a messy show with little to recommend it. That said, it seems like it isn’t getting any worse and when it is on an upswing from a low point it actually feels relatively enjoyable, though perhaps we could have done without the itchy doll joke as a finisher.

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