Kabukichou Sherlock Episode 4 Review


Friends Forever… Maybe Not

This series is swiftly losing any appeal it may have had. While the first two episodes were messy but at least had novelty (though not actual quality) sitting behind them and keeping me entertained enough. Episode 3 produced a relatively straight forward mystery episode that hit enough of the right notes. And now we have episode, which does expand on the relationship between Sherlock and Moriarty and brings us a case of sorts in a bath house, there’s just not a lot going on in this episode.


By the time we get to Moriarty inviting Sherlock and luring him out of the apartment with the promise of Rakugo after the bath, I was already wondering if this episode was going to have a point. The pre-credits sequence of a fight between two men didn’t seem to go anywhere and while it does end up relating to the semi-mystery, really there are no stakes in this episode, little humour (unless you really find Sherlock in the bath hilarious or guys in a bath with animal masks funny), and ultimately it doesn’t feel like what little relationship building that goes on this episode is overly important.


I get the overall theme of Sherlock ignoring Watson’s case but how far do they intend to milk that in the absence of any other defining plot? it would really matter if these diversions were actually solid entertainment in their own right but I doubt anyone would find the mystery of the missing peach guy particularly compelling.

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As to Moriarty spending a lot of the episode mocking Watson for his lack of knowledge around public baths, by about the third time he calls him an idiot that joke has already worn way too thin. About the only really novel moment comes when Sherlock is doing his Rakugo act to explain what happened when there’s not one but two confessions thrown into the ring. It kind of shoots the need for a detective in the foot.


Realistically, this episode felt empty and largely ended up with me watching the clock while waiting for it to come to a close. Now every anime is entitled to one or two episodes that end up feeling like placeholders, but given the overall lack of appeal this one had to begin with, if this is the pattern we’re going to settle into I may need to re-evaluate whether I’m going to continue watching.

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