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A man wakes up from a drunken stupor with a bloody knife in his hand, a body on the floor, and flames blazing. Naturally he runs. And this is our set-up for the case this week in Kabukichou Sherlock. If they keep going like this we might even start to believe it was actually planning on being a detective story.


Prior to getting into the case though we finally get Watson telling us a little bit about his case. Sherlock still isn’t interested but I kind of am and after the little snippet we got I’d like to see a bit more of his life prior to running to the bar. We also see Moriarty’s birthday party. I’d dismiss it as almost pointless except that we come back to Moriarty at the end and honestly it feels like they are slowly trying to build him up as a character so it just remains to be seen whether or not they do a reasonable job of it when we finally go somewhere with that particularly plot thread. Not that either one of these things has anything to do with the case for the episode.


Honestly though, the case this week is incredibly straight forward, much like the previous flower shop one. The only difference being this time you had to wait a little bit while Sherlock picked up a few bits of information for it to all come together. However, it is amazing how much more interesting a detective story is when you learn along with the detective and it isn’t just apparent who the culprit is from the start or when the detective just pulls a name out of thin air and declares them the guilty party.

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So three episodes in and we finally got what was a relatively settled and fairly decent episode of Kabukichou Sherlock. It still has the weird moment where Watson, thoroughly used to playing along with Sherlock already, asks him to explain and he does his Rakugo act but that’s more or less just this current Sherlock incarnation’s shtick and we’ll just go with it. There are worse ways to deliver exposition.


I will say though that I’m feeling better about this one being on my watch list after this third episode. It does feel like they are settling now when the first episode just felt like it was all over the place with its tone. I do wonder how it will go now that Watson has moved in with Sherlock though has been designated one sofa worth of space.


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