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And The Scooby Doo Award Goes To…

Okay, episode one of Kabukichou Sherlock wasn’t great but it was kind of interesting with the number of elements they were trying to stuff together. Then we move on to episode 2 and realise this anime is just a mess. Whether it is an enjoyable mess really depends on your tolerance for the various elements being tossed into the salad bowl here but for me this one is leaning onto the just entertaining enough even while acknowledging it is pretty bad.


The case this week was incredibly transparent. Last week the issue with the detective aspect of the story was that there was no conceivable way for the audience to put anything together because we never met the characters responsible until Sherlock just kind of pulled out a ‘he did it’ moment. This week, from the minute the client explains the case it is blatantly obvious who is behind it and once we get a snippet on TV about another crime it becomes fairly clear how the two things will end up colliding. So as a detective story this one crashes and burns hard.


So then we have the comedy aspects. Whether it is the other detective’s antics, Sherlock playing the invalid card before he gets up and walks onto the case, or the Scooby Doo like chase sequence that occurs toward the end of the episode, it is all very hit and miss with most of it leaning toward the ridiculous. If we toss in Sherlock’s attempt at Rakugo when the villains ask for an explanation as to how he caught onto them then we have a lot of moments that just make you sit back and wonder how all of this came to be together.

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Despite all of that, I still kind of enjoyed the episode. Individual moments don’t work and it doesn’t really feel like a cohesive episode and yet sitting back I realise I had fun watching it. This isn’t a case of it being so bad it is good or anything like that nor do I believe there’s much hope of this anime actually improving as the season goes on. I just know I’m kind of curious about Watson’s case and I wonder if Sherlock will ever take it.


All and all, this one isn’t getting a recommendation from me, but I’m going to keep watching it anyway. If nothing else, it will be amusing seeing Watson continuing to get tricked by literally every single person he speaks with.


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  1. Scooby-dooby-doo! (Seriously, I still can’t figure out how all those TV censors missed the repeated, ingrained references to weed. . .)

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