Kabukichou Sherlock Episode 1 Review


Detectives, Sherlock & Jack The Ripper

Another city of sin where under the neon lights bad things happen in the dark. It’s a familiar setting, though not as prolific in anime. However, while the setting is a familiar one, the tone of Kabukichou Sherlock can’t seem to figure out if it is playing things seriously or for laughs. By the time we get to Sherlock working through his reasoning in the form of Rakugo it becomes fairly clear that this one is trying to play for laughs but it is doing it so seriously sometimes it is hard to tell.


The first episode introduces us to a bar where Watson goes looking for a detective. Turns out there are many detectives there but they are being hired for a very specific case because another girl has been murdered by Jack the Ripper. Undeterred, Watson tracks down the detective he was looking for when his car breaks down and so for the remainder of the episode he trails along after Sherlock as he very easily solves the case.


While I didn’t actually mind this episode much the characters have yet to leave much of an impression and the case itself was just kind of the background for the various introductions. Not to mention, we never do find out what Watson’s case was that prompted him to go looking for a detective in a seedy part of town in the first place.

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This one is going to be a work in progress. It might actually be a really fun watch or it might plod along hopelessly and go nowhere. For now I’m adding it to the line-up but I’m very on the fence about it. That’s probably because my track record with anime that reference Sherlock has not been great. Almost all have ended up dropped before the end of their run and the few I’ve watched through have been largely forgettable. Maybe this one will break the trend. I guess we’ll see what Kabukichou Sherlock does next week.


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2 thoughts on “Kabukichou Sherlock Episode 1 Review

  1. It’s nice seeing the hope you still have for it. I could barely last through the episode mostly because of the poor comedy that felt like it was trying way too hard. It was an immediate drop for me.

    1. It was trying with the comedy and not necessarily succeeding. Still, at least I didn’t feel like I was in danger of being lulled into a coma like Stand My Heroes did to me. That I did not make it all the way through the first episode.

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