Just Because Episode 9: Renewed Purpose



There’s a sense of movement this episode that has been lacking in this series and that primarily comes across because our three female characters are all actively taking steps to decide what they want and to achieve it. Shame the male characters are still passively waiting for some kind of neon sign, but the girls’ actions have all given this show a new sense of life even while the pace remains very everyday and slow.


Small steps such as a haircut or having a conversation that was needed a long time ago all give these characters more purpose than we’ve seen from them in the last handful of episodes where they were drifting somewhat lost. It is a refreshing feeling and made better because the characters themselves aren’t sure if their actions will accomplish anything but they are tired of waiting around.


Overall this show continues to build a believable group of characters with problems and concerns that are fairly relatable and yet somehow manages to make it seem interesting. Though with Valentine’s Day coming up I’m definitely sensing some looming drama.

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6 thoughts on “Just Because Episode 9: Renewed Purpose

  1. Currently there’s a “Gift of the Magi” thing going on, too. Eita is aiming for Natsume’s college (which is the college Natsume’s older sister attends) even though he has a recommendation , but Natsume has decided to not apply for said college. Meanwhile, Natsume is aiming for HIS college. And of course neither are going to let the other know. I wonder how that’ll play out.

    I predict Komiya will find out and she’ll be the one to tell Eita and leave the decision to him. And then he’ll pick Natsume and we’ll all be sad.

    1. This is why trying to surprise someone is often a really silly idea. Like showing up at their house for the holidays as a surprise only they did the exact same thing and now you’re both in different cities. Communication is definitely needed sometimes.

        1. I hate surprises so I just tell people what my intentions are. I constantly watch mystified as other people try the surprise dinner/birthday/trip/whatever and have it blow up in their faces.

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