Just Because Episode 7: Just Because You’re Indecisive, Doesn’t Mean You Can Deny Others



Natsume is really annoying me as a character. Okay, Eita is just as indecisive but accepts the consequences of his indecision. He never told Natsume how he felt because he knew she liked Souma (because of some eraser incident that apparently was pivotal in her world despite every flash back we saw this episode giving us the impression that she had a much better relationship with Eita). But, he made that choice and Eita knew that meant not getting Natsume in the end because he never told her how he felt and he accepted that. He didn’t like it, but he would have dealt with it had she ever ended up with Souma or anyone else (or at least that is the impression he’s given). He doesn’t act, but he accepts the conclusion so I can kind of respect that even as we watch him miss out on what he wants time and again.


However, Natsume doesn’t act. She uses studying as an excuse, she never says how she is really feeling, but she gets jealous and holds in resentment towards others as if somehow the fact that they are having more fun than her is some grand conspiracy to prevent her somehow moving forward. Basically, she likes to play the victim but doesn’t like to do anything about the situation. She had plenty of time to tell Souma how she felt but didn’t feel any compulsion to act until it was too late. She could have accepted Eita’s feelings when she realised how he felt but instead she got angry with him and dumped a lot of the blame for her own actions on him.


And this episode brings us Ena (photography girl) who has decided after chasing Eita around to get permission to use his photo that he is actually an alright kind of guy and so Ena is asking Natsume permission to go on a date with him. Why Ena would need Natsume’s permission is also beyond me. Even if Ena knows how Natsume feels, which it is pretty obvious, it isn’t as though Eita and Natsume are together. More importantly, it isn’t as though Eita is actually going to say yes to Ena when clearly he is hung up on Natsume. It kind of makes you wonder if Ena is just trying to spur Natsume into some sort of action, but then it kind of seems like the wrong way to go about it. Either that or she genuinely likes Eita at this point which is very likely and to be honest Ena would be a better match.

Okay, I’m invested in this sleepy little love story and I actually want the characters to get a happily ever after but I would really like Natsume to actually do something and not just sit around moping or hiding behind the excuse of studying.

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9 thoughts on “Just Because Episode 7: Just Because You’re Indecisive, Doesn’t Mean You Can Deny Others

  1. I *Bleeping* loved this episode. To me, Ena asked permission because she valued her relationship with Natsume and didn’t want it ruined with her thinking she did something behind her back. Now, did she really, absolutely have to ask? No. But again, while she knows how Eita feels about Natsume, it isn’t clear if she felt the same way and maybe if one was waiting on the other. So while they both play their weird game of “You go first,” Ena is deciding to just woman up and make a move.

    Natsume I don’t think is that annoying and I think it was kind of explained why she is the way she is. She often is given the short end of the stick and I think she accepts it. Like when she was going to move all those boxes by herself. It is just, at this point in her life, she is both getting used to it and tired of it. Hence why she didn’t confess to Eita or the other dude.

    Yet, when he dropped her off at the test, it seemed one of her two questions might have been about a future between them. At least, that is what I got from that scene and what followed.

    1. The thing is, she didn’t have to move the boxes by herself. She had every right to ask the other members to help her before going to club. Or to wait until another day when they were free. Or to ask any other random group of students to assist. Instead, she decided to silently play the martyr and it is only because Eita had a crush on her that he ended up helping, and then she still remained completely oblivious to his motives.
      I’d probably have more sympathy for Natsume is she had actually asked someone for help and they had turned her down or ditched her.

      1. Well, in her defense, if we all took every kind gesture as a show of affection, one which the person wanted to lead to something romantic, the world would be so much more complicated. And from what it seems, with Natsume being introverted and shy, and her mates having clubs they had to help, that was why she didn’t ask.

        But I get what you’re saying. Eita is really going out of his way and it should really click that maybe he isn’t just doing this out of the goodness of his heart.

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