Just Because Episode 6: Making Decisions Is Hard



This show continues to bring a very realistic view of the confusion of finishing high school. There’s certainly romance involved as many of the issues have come about by characters wanting to act on their feelings when they haven’t had the courage to previously, but ultimately this story seems to just focus on the feeling of loss and transition and not really knowing what is coming next.


It doesn’t help that very few of the characters know themselves what they want. Even when they think they know, in the case of Soma wanting Hazuki, it is more based on a feeling rather than an actual knowing. Soma knows very little about the girl but he wants to date her. She rejected him, but wonders if she made the right choice. And then they both are in that awkward ‘do I message them back’ stage. For Soma, it is Eita who is the catalyst for action but even then Eita doesn’t just tell him to message the girl. He drags him back into baseball for another round.


This is mirrored by Hazuki later trying to perfect a song on the trumpet before she’ll message him back, though fortunately Hazuki’s friend is far more direct and just tells Soma to show up. But the true charm of this continues to be the large cast of believable characters with various friends, classmates, and the photography girl all still in the mix and all going in their own directions. Slow paced but never dull, this show continues to be a pleasure to watch even as several moments of animation this week really did fail (Soma leaving the room after catching Eita about to be fed by photography girl and Hazuki’s initial run to the music room both left an impression, just not a good one). Still, these are minor issues that aren’t stopping the enjoyment of a good story with good characters.

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7 thoughts on “Just Because Episode 6: Making Decisions Is Hard

  1. “Slow paced but never dull.” Truly, that is what makes Just Because so unique and weird to me. It has this large cast, of which we don’t see leaps and bounds of them changing from episode to episode. We may skip a week ahead but all that is dropped is getting to see them in the heart of indecision. Yet, despite that, it damn near has the appeal of a reality show in a way. I mean, I don’t necessarily have my favorite, but I do wanna see who confesses to who, will this one get into college or get rejected, and even if the photography girl may finally breakthrough to Eita and let her submit that pic.

    All of which is so mundane to talk about yet is weirdly exciting while watching. It is definitely a peeling an onion kind of show.

    1. It is amazing how they have managed to make the mundane and ordinary kind of fascinating in this show. Yeah, photography girl really deserves a break at some point and Eita needs to learn to give in occasionally.

  2. Really loving how this show feels to watch. It’s pretty calm, but can get tense in not knowing what direction it’s going to take. I really hope we start to see the production quality get back to where it was at the beginning of the show though.

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