Just Because Episode 5: They Made A Baseball Mitt Look So Alone



I was wondering what would happen this week after the double rejection last week and I guess unsurprisingly the answer is nothing too dramatic. Afterall, these characters are very much going through a lot of effort to be super normal with no drama kings or queens in the mix (other than maybe photography girl but even she seems pretty level headed compared to other anime characters). So while both Soma and Eita comment that they don’t want to go to school, off to school they go.


But everyone has had time to think about the events of the holidays and what was aid and what wasn’t said and now they have the chance to mull it over with others. Still, the overriding sense in this show is that regardless of what happens right now, soon it is all coming to an end. Every episode so far has had characters saying farewells or moving on from something, or having it possibly taken away, and that theme continues this week.


For most of the episode, Soma and Eita don’t cross paths, and yet Eita still witnesses Soma discarding his baseball mitt as he realises that his time in the club really has come to an end. Fortunately, endings come with new beginnings and while this show isn’t happy go lucky, it isn’t about driving its audience into despair. Seriously loving these characters even though in five episodes almost nothing has happened.

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4 thoughts on “Just Because Episode 5: They Made A Baseball Mitt Look So Alone

    1. I can understand that. If someone described it to me I would just assume I was going to die of boredom while watching it. I am genuinely surprised by how much I’m enjoying it.

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