Just Because Episode 12: The End



This final episode adequately brings their high school life to an end and resolves most of the romantic tangles. It does however take its sweet time about doing so and by the time I was waiting for the post credit scene to get to the final resolution of Eita and Natsume’s relationship I was very much over the episode. Which is a shame because while the show has been slow it has never felt dragged until these final episodes.


Still, despite that complaint, the story brings itself neatly to an end and while I’m not jumping up and down about this show it was certainly a fairly consistent watch this season with characters I found very recognisable even if I did want them all to take lessons on communication at one point or another. Obviously not everyone gets a happily ever after but no character gets totally thrown under a bus either so that was something I was pretty happy about (really was worried about photography girl).


I’ll get to a whole series review of this soon.

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4 thoughts on “Just Because Episode 12: The End

  1. It has been a great run. Definitely one of those series I really didn’t care about which girl won and all that jazz. There’s this lingering feeling I have specifically for this episode however:
    I think that the script writer already had the absolute ending drawn out but he struggled with how to get there within the last 3 episodes.

    1. The pacing definitely went downhill particularly in the final two episodes as it felt like things were needlessly drawn out (which would make sense if he was trying to get to a specific moment). I still enjoyed this show but my desire to watch it again kind of went away as the final episodes played out.

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