Just Because Episode 11: This Certainly Is Roundabout



With Soma and Morikawa coming to a tentative understanding last episode we really now are just waiting on Eita, Natsume and Ena to get their acts together and actually have a conversation. However, they are all waiting on something as well and episode 11 finally gets to that point.


Eita and Natsume sit their respective entrant exams while thinking they’ll talk to the other after they get accepted (they probably should have had the conversation earlier but that’s life). Meanwhile, Ena works on the yearbook before finding out the results of the photography competition.


One episode to go and then this sleepy little love story will draw to a close. I’ve had fun with this show but it is incredibly slow moving at times.

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2 thoughts on “Just Because Episode 11: This Certainly Is Roundabout

  1. I’m at a point with this show to remind myself that is is a slice of life, not a drama and that is why certain things can’t and won’t happen. Yet… let me hold off until you talk about the ending.

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