Just Because Episode 1: Just Life



At the end of the second semester of third year of high school, four students are prepared for graduation and feel the ending to their high school life. But that changes a little with the arrival of a transfer student.

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Normally this is the kind of show I kind of hesitate to start because no matter how good it is I just know I’m going to end up wondering what the point of it is. Fortunately for me, it seems like most of the characters in this show are in search of a point or have accepted that mostly there isn’t one as they go about their frantic activities as their school lives wrap up.


So instant relatability. We also don’t just follow one person through an entire day at school but rather move fairly fluidly from group to group with multiple individual problems, dilemas and ideas being introduced. While that makes it more or less impossible to remember all the character names after one episode, it gave a sense of forward motion that I usually don’t get from these kinds of stories and I greatly appreciated it.



All and all, these characters have the potential to be charming enough, and there’s certainly enough possibilities for future events that could come up from the set up. While there isn’t anything new from a narrative point of view, I really did like the execution and pacing of this episode and am kind of keen to see more at the moment.

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11 thoughts on “Just Because Episode 1: Just Life

  1. This anime is actually not bad. However, there are problems with the production, which is what I fear will eventually ruin the anime altogether at this point.

      1. Ominous indeed… apparently in the second episode along the animation quality already fluctuated, even though I myself didn’t notice it. Other than that though, the director for the anime was flaming the studios on tweeter about how he was still editing the storyboards for ep 8, which will air barely 1 and a half month later. There’s other things that a lot of other people have analysed and discussed, but I won’t go into detail since you can find then simply by digging around a little bit.
        What I’m trying to say is not to have too high hopes for the anime I guess.
        I really liked the anime, and the nostalgia from the first episode along was just so good, and thus I pray that the production doesn’t fall apart completely and become the “Jiggly Jiggly Heaven” joke from Shirobako….

  2. Hmm, the animation style for this, judging from the screenshots, looks very beautiful. Not sure if this is one for me though based on the plot, but I will continue reading your reviews for it to see how it turns out 😊

    1. I’m not sure either about the storyline given it isn’t my usual kind of thing, but occasionally I find something like this that I fall in love with. Here’s hoping.

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