Junji Ito Collection Episode 8: There Are No Words



Again two stories though this week I kind of watched both in more or less stunned silence. The first one because by the time you kind of really knew what the story was about it ended and the second one because it was just too weird. The audience sitting through all those deaths just pushed credibility too far. And neither story was particularly interesting.


The biggest problem with the first story, like with so many others in this series, is a lack of development. We enter the story after it has already begun, we see a quick snap shot as the situation escalates, and then it ends, all before we’ve had a chance to care about anything that is going on. As weird as the concept might be it just doesn’t sink in.


However, the circus story is perhaps the weakest so far in this series. While it is apparent the ring master is evil, the only way this is actually confirmed is through a plea by the girl to the guy she loves when she declares the ring master is a demon. Whether he is or not is never answered and answering that might have helped bridge the credibility gap as to why the audience hadn’t really reacted to the copious scenes of death.

This show continues to remain on my watch list but I’m not really expecting much from it any more so I wasn’t disappointed this week.

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13 thoughts on “Junji Ito Collection Episode 8: There Are No Words

  1. I kind of wanted to stop watching after the first one but I thought, maybe the next one would be better and then it just turned even more nonsensical.

    1. I know. That is the one thing this show has going for it. We just keep thinking the next story might be better. Tragically, it so far hasn’t proven to be true.

    1. It is definitely a pacing issue as quite a few of the stories have been really interesting, they just haven’t been delivered well. That said, the second story this week was just… I’m not even sure what that was but it wasn’t particularly good.

  2. This is the first time I haven’t seen this one yet ( I will watch it tonight), blame it on My Hero Accademia, but after reading this..I’m already not really looking forward to it lol. Really wonder why I keep watching it every week, but I guess I’m hoping against hope that there is an episode that still is going to be awesome 😊

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