Junji Ito Collection Episode 7: Round and Round We Go



I’m not really sure what to make of the first story as it really seemed more like an idea rather than a fleshed out tale. Basically, record of an artist after she died and everyone who listens to it seems to become obsessed with owning it, to the point where they would steal it or hit the current owner over the head to keep it. It isn’t particularly interesting or shocking and it is over before you really begin to care about what is happening.


The second story presents a bizarre scenario and aspects of it could have been really cool if explored further. Yet the presence of Jack the Ripper just felt so forced and unnecessary as an added issue to deal with and the Aunt first threatening to kill the niece and then saving her doesn’t really sit right.


So this series remains consistent in presenting ideas but not really crafting good stories or characters and the wasted potential really hurts.

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11 thoughts on “Junji Ito Collection Episode 7: Round and Round We Go

  1. Honestly, I thought the second story was seriously creepy. It was the first time I really had this great sense of unease. If this were to happen in real life I would turn absolutely crazy lol. The first story kind of reminded me of the one ring from Lord of the Rings in some way, if that makes sense 😊😊

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