Junji Ito Collection Episode 4: Did I Ever Mention I Find Puppets Creepy?



Once again we get two creepy stories with neither one really pushing into actually being scary so much as strange and a little unsettling. What horror I did find in the second story came from my own dislike of puppets and marionettes which was firmly embedded when I was a child. And, just saying, but that puppet was so creepy looking I can’t imagine anyone actually taking it with them when they ran away.


The first story this week was kind of nothing. Creepy cursed object story but as usual this anime doesn’t take the time to build up the suspense of atmosphere and merely walks us through the events. While they are dark and the end is kind of tragic, it never really gives us a chance to feel for any of the characters leaving the end of that first story fairly empty.


And so this series continues to be watchable but not really all that good.

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15 thoughts on “Junji Ito Collection Episode 4: Did I Ever Mention I Find Puppets Creepy?

  1. Those puppets do look creepy. I got some bad vibes resembling the main villain Jinsaku Ajo from Key the Metal Idol there *shudders*. I feel like Iā€™d have to cleanse my palate by watching Strings which is a great movie that involves puppets.

  2. Well…honestly, I did find the first story pretty creepy if I’m being honest. Those black holes in the body were really unsettling. But then….it had a really abrupt ending which I didn’t care for. The puppet story was unsettling too. This show continues to be fun, but I agree I haven’t yet seen a truly creepy one. Hopefully the show will deliver that at least once šŸ˜Š

    1. It kind of throws me that they just end these stories so abruptly when they have such good concepts and ideas and could really tell a creepy story if they fleshed it out. Instead they kind of rush through it and onto the next thing before it has even really had a chance to have an impact.

      1. Exactly, that’s precisely the problem with this. Some of the stories are really cool , bit because of the short length, just miss the mark completely with a very rushed ending. I think if they took more time, and maybe even let a story run for an entire episode it would become a much better series šŸ˜Š

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