Junji Ito Collection Episode 2: Not Much Improvement But Setting A Tone



While I know I was hoping for something a little more like true horror from this series, episode 2 reveals two more kind of twisted tales that work well enough but never really do more than just intrigue at the possibilities they may have contained. With pacing and visuals handled as they are, even moments that might have given a bit of an emotional stir are decidedly flat. That isn’t to say this was bad watching. It is actually about as average as things can get.


The first story about the unusual model if handled differently could have been quite suspenseful but instead just kind of plays it straight as guy with weird feeling ends up in really bad situation. There’s no sympathy to be had for the characters and no real reason to concern yourself for their fate. That isn’t really an issue but the monster isn’t really given any kind of characterisation either and so while the story is odd it never really leads to any kind of emotional impact.


The second story I wouldn’t have classed as a horror anyway. It is a strange tale to be sure and certainly one that lends itself to all kinds of discussion about the situation (and the doctor’s lack of ethics in the end), however there’s nothing to fear in the story. Again, the characters don’t really make enough of an impact and the story just kind of plays out. It’s interesting but that’s all it is.

And that seems to have set the tone on this show. Maybe we’ll get something that actually scares later or maybe it will continue in this way. While there is nothing wrong with this presentation, it makes each story individually fairly forgettable.

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Karandi James.


14 thoughts on “Junji Ito Collection Episode 2: Not Much Improvement But Setting A Tone

  1. Apparently in the original story the long dream some of the dreams of the guy were shown but in the anime they left them out to prevent the story from being so long. I think that if they left the dreams in the story would have been better and scarier.

    1. Yes, actually seeing the dreams he was trapped in or being able to get more a first person view of his disorientation on waking from a dream would have definitely added to the creepy factor here.

  2. I have to say that the “model” in the first story of this episode was quite creepy though. Especially when she came running through the woods. But you are right though, it never gets really horrific, and the characters just fall flat. Still….I’m enjoying it anyway. This series gives me a bit of that old Twilight Zone feeling from the past. 😀

    1. It definitely has that Twilight Zone feeling. It isn’t horror but it is odd, unsettling or just kind of interesting and I’m still enjoying it.

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