Junji Ito Collection Episode 11: Return To Weird Stories


The first story this week was actually kind of fun in a weird tales kind of way. Random transfer student shows up in town and suddenly weird things start happening. However, it isn’t the transfer student who is truly the problem but his appearance acts as a catalyst for some of the tensions in the group from the supernatural club bubble to the surface.


The second story is also just kind of weird but not necessarily horrific. It certainly could have been if it had been given longer and more development, particularly the revelation about the couple who had lost a child, but instead this story remains a ‘what if’ kind of pondering without really delivering much more. The combination of graveyards and scarecrows is certainly unsettling though so great choice of setting.


And that was this week’s Junji Ito Collection. Better than the previous two episodes but still not really reaching to actually being more than a watch once and done kind of affair.

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6 thoughts on “Junji Ito Collection Episode 11: Return To Weird Stories

  1. I watched the first… two episodes I think. I’ve been following your posts and I’m happy I decided to drop it. I feel like I would not enjoy it and would just be mildly frustrated by it most of the time if I kept with it, which makes me so sad because Junji Ito. *sobs*

    1. I’m fairly frustrated by it at this point, but I do blame myself for going in with reasonably solid expectations and then getting a decidedly mediocre anime (mediocre most of the time with occasional dips into bad).

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