Junji Ito Collection Episode 10: And I Thought Last Week Was Gross?


I wonder if the Junji Ito Collection anime took it as a challenge when I called it gross last week in my review? This week seemed all about being as gross as possible with the kind of body horror that just leaves a sick taste in your mouth and feeling a little unsettled. The story doesn’t actually scare or leave you feeling happy you watched it, it is just disgusting.


And after the vileness that is the first story this week we then get a fairly standard but incomplete ghost story as a follow up. It isn’t particularly bad but it isn’t particularly good and it is hard to focus on when you are wanting to go and wash the horrid taste out of your mouth from the first story.


I’ve been wanting this show to do more and actually use some of its ideas to give us something actually horrific but instead it has gone for body horror and the gross out effect and there’s quite a difference in the appeal of a show that can affect you psychologically and a show that just makes you want to vomit. My tolerance of this one is fast disappearing and this episode is my new low point for the winter season.

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