Juni Taisen: Zodiac War Episode 6: I’m Sure Someone Thought That Was Clever


Review (with heavy episode spoilers):

My first take on this review was a little bit sarcasm heavy but then I realised I was being needlessly harsh on this show. It isn’t that the show is all that bad, more that it continues to look like it should be a better show than it is and that is bothering me. So here is the revised version, and yeah, sarcasm is still coming through a bit.

You know how the first three weeks this followed a strictly linear and less than thrilling pattern of character gets back story and character dies? And the order we were introduced to said characters exactly followed the reverse order of the zodiac? So, the show has a formula. Fine. We can work with that even if it makes it a bit dull.


Then we went two whole weeks where we got back stories on characters who didn’t die. It was still following the zodiac order in reverse but it didn’t kill them.

Ooh, a twist in the story. Does that mean I should expect something new and different to happen at the mid-way point? I didn’t really think so, but I was kind of hoping for something.


And then we get episode 6 where in very quick succession we’ll knock off both the previous characters (in correct order for the reverse zodiac) and take out the third character who we get an extremely brief flash back of in this episode that tries really hard to be action packed but kind of just prolongs skirmishes that we’re already seeing the outcomes of while characters still talk and think too much.


Yep, they killed Monkey, Sheep and Horse in that order during this episode leaving only the Snake (zombie), Dragon, Rabbit, Tiger, Ox and Rat in the game. And the obnoxious thing is the whole time I felt like the show was looking at me smugly with a ‘you didn’t expect that’ expression even though it just reverted fully back to formula.


Actually, there were some cool moments in this episode. It is just the overall story and characters in this show that are doing my head in. Although, on the bright side, Rat seemed to finally get his head in the game and has bounced into the lead for being the character I like the most out of this cast. He doesn’t have a lot of competition mind you, but at least there’s someone in this game I’m finding amusing.

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7 thoughts on “Juni Taisen: Zodiac War Episode 6: I’m Sure Someone Thought That Was Clever

  1. At this point, it feels like they got rid of the characters that could have been interesting so now I’m just hoping between the rabbit and Ox (I have to usually look up their names to remember them), their backstories are interesting. For I have such little investment in the others.

    Probably because, just as soon as you think someone is alright and hope they get developed more, they underestimate their opponent and die.

    1. I’m pretty certain if they ever tell us Rabbit’s back story I’m just going to roll my eyes. Ox on the other hand hasn’t really impressed me much. All the other characters keep remarking that he’s a big deal but he so far has had very little personality.

  2. I didn’t even need to be aware of the zodiac order, all I had to see was people getting arrogant and I would know it’s their turn. If this is how they want to proceed, I feel like there should be some big twist at the end. Something that makes watching zodiac warriors off each other worth it.

  3. Friendship ended with Monkey. Now Ox is my new best friend.

    I didn’t know the order offhand, but now I kind of wish I hadn’t read your posts as it’s fairly obvious who will win. Maybe they’ll still do a twist?

    I fully agree with your statement about this show looking better than it actually is. I get that it’s more realistic that death happens suddenly and kind of randomly, but all of them (except horse) kind of happen the same way: contestant underestimates their opponent or overestimates themselves and then they’re dead in an instant.

    1. I’m still hoping for a twist because it just seems too obvious and too pointless if they march along in perfect order to the end.
      And yep, they’ve so far all gone the same way and to be honest, it wasn’t that shocking when they did it to boar. A little surprising, but that was about all. Now that they’ve repeated it four times it is getting just a tad pointless.

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