Juni Taisen: Zodiac War Episode 5: And The Old Guy Rambles On



The Sheep gets some backstory. Is anyone surprised that rather than focusing on the Rat, Snake, Monkey, Rabbit face-off from last week we instead listen to an old guy ramble while he plays with animal models and makes plans about people who are already dead? Good luck partnering with Dog or Boar.


On the other hand, it seems like the pattern of dying in order of the zodiac isn’t broken yet because the Horse isn’t dead and no-one died yet this episode the Monkey may yet still be the next one to bite the dust. And everyone is so dismissive of Rat and his chances of winning it just kind of makes me think that’s where this is going and that would be incredibly disappointing.


Though not as much as the reveal of why the Juni Taisen exists which they hit us with in the beginning of this episode. I wasn’t expecting much of a reason given how long they held off on telling us anything, but really? Great. Let’s have a war between twelve warrior,s place bets on them and somehow use that to redraw the global map every twelve years? That’s totally rational. As I said, wasn’t expecting much but this was kind of the minimum possible effort to give a reason for the premise.

Oh well, at least there is some promise of something changing once we are down to half the number of warriors so they’ve managed once again to hook my curiosity sufficiently that I don’t just roll my eyes and walk away and at least this remains really pretty to look at from an animation point of view even if both the story and the characters are leaving me feeling just a little bit uninspired.

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