Juni Taisen: Zodiac War Episode 11 – I’d Say It’s Over But There’s Still and Episode To Go


Review (some spoilers):

There’s a real sense of time wasted as this eleventh episode rolls around. At no point has this series veered off the path it set for itself in episode 1 as characters continued to be taken out in strict Zodiac order using the same basic idea over and over again. These great warriors have all made a serious mis-judgement and fallen quickly because of it.


As the second last living warrior standing, Ox faces off with Zombie rabbit thing (though I think snake and dragon are in there as well). It is a fairly pointless fight with the only real interesting part being the idea of all these tiny bits and pieces of bodies being reassembled. But then it was too dark to really see it and appreciate the creation fully and it didn’t really do much on screen so I guess it is neither here nor there.


Then we get the monkey prize from inside the corpse and I guess that satisfied the ‘where is the monkey’ question. And while Monkey pins down Ox, Rat casually strolls up, lays down a bomb, asks Ox for any last words, and then walks away before we get the big boom that Sheep promised us. Not exactly edge of your seat delivery for a final fight in a death match.


I’d write this episode off as another fairly dull entry in a dull series except that I didn’t mind how they showed us Rat’s power and the post match interview was kind of interesting. Not enough that I’m actually looking forward to the 12th episode given there’s no more death match going on, but enough that I can’t just dismiss the entire thing as a waste of time.

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6 thoughts on “Juni Taisen: Zodiac War Episode 11 – I’d Say It’s Over But There’s Still and Episode To Go

  1. I’m just mad we didn’t get Usagi’s backstory. Don’t we see him (?) as a kid in the intro video? I was so looking forward to what family backed him, how they may have screwed him up and… just too many disappointments.

  2. I liked Rat’s power. I thought that was pretty interesting. The show would have been really cool if they did each episode as Rat’s “dead end” options. I would have liked to see all those outcomes! Also the manga ends where episode 11 does and apparently Rat’s wish isn’t revealed so episode 12 will be interesting…I guess? Lol

  3. I was definitely not impressed with the way they ended the whole thing. When it was over I thought some huge fight would happen to end it all…and then nothing happened. I don’t think Ox got the send off that he deserved.

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