Juni Taisen Episode 8: So… Do We Just Skip This?



Hand up every viewer who signed up for 19 minutes of flash back into the lives of two brothers. Where one character we never met in the present in a living state because he’s been dead since episode one. And the other character has so far had combined about ten lines total since episode one in the present day. See, these two are just so compelling they definitely need two episodes focussed on them, the second one spending almost its entire run time on a court case that then led to a further flash back of some random job the brothers pulled. And what is the payoff for the audience of sitting through all this? The brothers are angsty teens that like killing time and killing people works for them as a way to do that, as long as they get paid. Not that they care about the money.


At this point, any hope I had of this show becoming a passable show in its completion kind of died. I kept thinking, if it ended well and had a good twist in its final episodes, I’d probably watch it again because binged, it probably doesn’t feel as long and the animation has been very good and there have been some interesting individual moments. But no. Nothing is worth sitting through these last two episodes. They’ve accomplished nothing and given the audience nothing. Maybe someone out there really connected with the walking corpse and was desperate to know his back story, but that wasn’t me. And maybe someone actually finds floating dragon kind of interesting, but again, that wasn’t me.


There’s four episodes left so I’ll finish this. And if it does do something interesting in the final episodes, I’d be grateful, but regardless, this is a title I won’t rewatch and I’ll happily move on from and forget about. Which is a shame because the opening is pretty epic to listen to and I’ve enjoyed watching the visuals more and more as the season has unfolded. Too bad about the plot and the characters.

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3 thoughts on “Juni Taisen Episode 8: So… Do We Just Skip This?

  1. Ug, I can already see the twist coming. There is WAY too much emphasis on these guys. Any way, haven’t watched this one yet so didn’t read this in too much detail. A bit disappointing but I still want to play this show out. Hope I’m wrong about the ending now…

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