Juni Taisen Episode 7: Is It Wrong That The Corpse Is More Interesting Than The Character?



At this stage I’ve more or less resigned myself to the story walking through predictable patterns. Even the possible showdown between Ox and Tiger was kind of inevitable if the story didn’t change path given they are the second and third animals in the zodiac. Still, I kind of wanted more from Snake and Dragon. Twins sent into a death match where only one is likely to survive should have something interesting to offer in terms of back story – right?


Turns out, not really. In addition to having a dull and fairly meaningless back story the visuals seemed a little lacking this week and so far the great animation has been this anime’s best selling point. While a mid-season slump is fairly typical but then you kind of need your story and characters to do some leg work.


Tiger probably got the best moments this episode and even then you can only carry the joke of drunken warrior so far before you have to accept that other than being an emotional ball of crazy she really hasn’t exhibited much personality. Reeling from over the top giggles and lethargy to killing machine, she’s amusing but that’s not quite the same thing as being a good character.


So Snake is still kind of around (though in addition to having lost his head he has now lost both arms – not that it seems to bother him) and Dragon is doing pretty much nothing (as he has for most of the show). Somehow I’m not really caring how part two of this resolves but at this point in the season dropping this also seems pointless and I’m still really wanting this show to actually do something with its story other than go through the motions.

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