Juni Taisen Episode 4: Nobody Died, Though My Interest Took A Hit



From the first episode with the Boar, this show has been a little bit peculiar. For all the good qualities it has, the one thing it has failed to do is grab my attention. The third episode with the Chicken came the closest because her character had a little bit of humour about her, and then we are hit with this episode.


Rat talks to Monkey in the sewers. He challenges her about her pacifist stance (not aggressively mind you, because that would require being fully awake which is something he is steadfastly refusing to do).


Monkey talks to Rat. She defends her position and we see many flash backs of her life up to this point.

The whole thing could work if I actually found either of these characters even vaguely interesting. And yet… Rat is an incredibly boring character. He is literally sleeping through this series. Monkey’s pacifist stance means she is pretty straight forward and predictable and just a little cringey to watch.


The last five minutes saw us reintroduced to Rabbit and while a flock of zombie birds is pretty cool I’m just not thinking the brief chase sequence and minor skirmish we got between Rat, Monkey, Rabbit and zombie twin boy was sufficient action to make up for the nothing that had happened for the entire rest of the episode.

However, one positive I took away from this is that I really enjoy the opening theme. It didn’t do much for me the first time but it is definitely growing on me and was my favourite part of this episode.

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4 thoughts on “Juni Taisen Episode 4: Nobody Died, Though My Interest Took A Hit

  1. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the zodiac theme, a sloth would be better for the rat character than anything else. Buy yeah, I think the show is slowly treading down hill. Sadly, the weakest and foolish, thus far, were the most interesting. No one left seems to have a compelling personality.

    1. That isn’t to say we can’t have a second half pick up, but I wasn’t overly sold on the first episode of this and it hasn’t done much since then to really win me over.

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