Joker Game Episode 9


Well, we hit part two and it resolved the situation, in pretty much the same way they resolved any other episode. So, other than stretching over two episodes nothing seems to have changed.

With all the events in this episode taking place in one night, at times the pace feels sluggish, and the flash backs to earlier in the evening but from different perspectives were completely unnecessary, given how obvious some of those characters were and the fact that so little had happened it was unlikely we were going to forget events from ten minutes ago.

I’m going to avoid mentioning either agency featured as I don’t want to spoil what little there is in this episode for people who haven’t watched it yet.

All and all, hopes for this show picking up for a great finish are pretty much gone. That said, it has been interesting to watch once and I’ll see it through to the end from this point.

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10 thoughts on “Joker Game Episode 9

  1. I at least understand the concept of episode 1 were they all got together (pretty sure they all use the same 3D model in their animation @.@) ,the show got me when they were playing a game of cards with the inspector skillfully sneaking in the name of the anime into the “joker game”.Then there was the episode when one of the spies infiltrated into the resistance and helped em escape from the police..well kinda(spoilers withheld).I got lost at the episode were there was a pedophile that regularly goes to a joint to meet a cross dressing boy but then the man had the exact same look as one of the spies from the clandestine agency so I watched it with the mindset that he was one of the spies.

    1. U
      That is defjnietly a challenge. And other than the leader of D Agency I sure don’t remember a single name. But the story has been pretty straight forward.

  2. I doubt you could spoil anything – seeing how everything has gone so far, not guessing the outcome would be a miracle. I guess we just have to brace on and wait till the very end.

      1. Well, can’t argue with that, even if that hope doesn’t lead very far. I guess the meat of the episode was not how everything turned out but rather Yuuki’s lecture in the end.

  3. The part I enjoyed most in this episode is the conversation between the heads of two agencies. Basically, how one spelled out the true meaning of being a spy and all. It’s kinda nice to see that.

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