Joker Game Episode 11


I probably won’t be able to explain why, but I quite enjoyed this episode. Possibly because there was no mystery to solve this week and no overly clever twist?

With one episode remaining, while I haven’t disliked Joker Game, the show has kind of just plodded along. Other than Yuki, I don’t remember a single character name and the fate of each of the spy’s I am rather indifferent to. The plot has been fairly predictable and the outcome of each episode inevitable. But Joker Game has provided a different tone and feel to most of the anime this season, and it isn’t that the story is bad. As this episode shows us, even when very little happens, they can keep tension in an episode for nearly twenty minutes and wrap up loose ends quite nicely. If they had managed to avoid completely cliché or interchangeable characters this show probably would have been better.

Joker Game is available on Crunchyroll.

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