Joker Game Episode 10

Don’t read if you haven’t watched the episode. Not even trying to avoid stating the ending this time given it has become inevitable.


No surprise, D Agency outwitted the opponent before the episode even started – again. Joker Game has proven in 8 separate stories now that it is really a one trick show. Any chance for development in plot or characters has been utterly wasted by a rigorous adherent to formulaic story telling and in a show about spies and espionage that is kind of a death sentence. Let’s be honest, if we always know how it is going to end and we don’t know the characters and they aren’t going to develop then what is left to look forward to in the episode? I still don’t dislike this anime but I’m a little bored with it at this point. Any single episode in the series is perfectly watchable but as a whole it just doesn’t do enough.

And I know I didn’t really tell you what happened this episode but that’s because, nothing new happened.

Joker Game is available on Crunchyroll.

3 thoughts on “Joker Game Episode 10

  1. I have to say that i’m disappointed with the story development and yes it becomes boring in a lot way. But you know what worst, I don’t remember the character’s names except Colonel Yuuki.

    1. True, I genuinely can’t remember any of the other spies or characters at this point. Only their faces because they appear in the opening every week.

  2. I guess Joker Game has entered meta level of showing something that’s not important – revealing that the backstory of Yuuki actually may have just been made up.

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