John Wick 2 Movie Review: Once Was Enough


Last week I reviewed John Wick and despite some sarcasm in the overview, I actually quite enjoyed that film. Enough that I bothered to watch the sequel so how did it fare?


Picking up pretty much directly from the end of the first film, John Wick returns home once again with his new dog and there encounters someone from his past that he owes a favour. Apparently refusal isn’t an option because the guy blows up his house. Seems extreme. What follows is another by the numbers walk through some action set pieces as John Wick first finds the target and after paying off his favour then decides to take the asker out. As you do.


Revenge as the sole plot point stringing a bunch of action sequences together worked in the first film. It was entertaining enough. However, this sequel felt repetitive, uninspired, and mostly unnecessary. We do get more of a glimpse at this underworld society but it isn’t enough to make up for a protagonist that doesn’t even want to kill his target (but will anyway) and villains who probably don’t even belong in a B Grade film.


By the time Wick goes on his revenge streak you have already checked out and emotionally disconnected. This isn’t aided by the character’s absolute tunnel vision (which he suffered from in the first film but there it was a little more understandable).


Basically, this film isn’t any fun. Sure there’s still guns and fight sequences but they all either mirror ones we saw in the first film or feel less impressive. Visually, Keanu is still standing in the centre of the shot, a lot, and he’s still using a range of moves to bring down his opponent and is still quite effective, but once again he doesn’t really make us care about his character and this time they aren’t even hammering the wife just died so grief card.


All and all, this is one to miss unless you watch anything action or anything Keanu. It isn’t that the movie doesnt’ function, it just isn’t anything special.

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Karandi James.


6 thoughts on “John Wick 2 Movie Review: Once Was Enough

  1. Hmmm, I’ve heard mostly positives about the sequel, so it’s nice to see a different opinion.

    Still planning on watching this eventually.

  2. Hmm, that’s a real shame. Like you I also enjoyed the first part quite a lot, but this sequel sounds pretty mediocre. I am going to watch it at some point (that’s the completionist in me talking lol), but not in a real hurry now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 😊

    1. I’m thinking that the overall issue I had was that there wasn’t that much story in the first movie and so trying to stretch out very thin actual plot even by adding in a new complication just made it feel like they wanted an excuse to let Keanu go shoot things again.

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