Izetta: The Last Witch Episode 9



Finally a second witch shows up and finally Izetta gets an actual taste of defeat. It would be nice if this meant that some of her naiveté will now wear off and she will actually deal with the reality of being pretty much the only line of defence for a country at war. Of course, only next episode will tell us what they will actually do with this development. My only complaint about this episode is the white witch and the fact that she’s clearly a psycho. We get it, you were betrayed and the legend they tell has been given a nice happy ending that didn’t exist. However, introducing a second witch who just wants to burn down the kingdom Izetta wants to save isn’t exactly the most innovative or interesting thing they could have done and possibly it would be nice to see a bit more to this new character’s personality than revenge against the descendants of people who did her wrong.

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3 thoughts on “Izetta: The Last Witch Episode 9

  1. I hate that new witch and yeah, I agree she is missing a few screws in her head. If this will just be for 12 episodes then my only question is that how the heck will they provide a good ending we can agree on? I mean, the show started 9 weeks ago and I know it’s been some time now but it feels very slow for the pacing of the story. The next episode better be good.

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