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It always goes so much better when the established villains have someone with a brain on their side. It makes for intrigue and actual suspense as you wonder when everything is going to get turned on its head. After the disaster of an episode that was episode 4 (okay, comparatively to other shows it wasn’t that bad but compared to the other episodes in this series it was pretty terrible), episode 5 kicks things into high gear as we establish the witch as a fighting force to be reckoned with. And of course, we knew that the ‘my power only works in certain places’ was going to be exploited as a point of tension (though I didn’t expect it to be exploited in the very next episode). There were some great developments during this episode and the energy from the first couple of episodes was back.

Jonas (glasses wearing soldier who apparently is bullet proof) is also back and he is definitely going to need some plot armour in the next episode or he may very well be the tragic victim of the series.

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12 thoughts on “Izetta: The Last Witch Episode 5

  1. Jonas wasn’t all that bulletproof as it happened, haha.

    As I said on Marth’s review, it did demonstrate what the show does well and what it does badly. It kind of is all up and down, but I’m intrigued enough to keep watching it through to the end.

    1. Yeah, this show isn’t in danger of being dropped but it is fairly in danger of just being forgettable after the final episode airs. Which is a shame because episode 1 was striking and interesting and it has never managed to soar to those heights since.

      1. There’s been a few scenes and sequences I’ve enjoyed throughout, but rarely whole episodes. Still, I’m determined to see it through to the end.

  2. So much hate for Jonas. Let’s just say he represents any random character that sees the war in his point of view that is why the creators of the show made him just for that purpose. So far, I really love watching Izetta which makes my “blood pumping” (sounds familiar) especially the aerial fights of our red haired witch against them baddies. The only complaint of this is that Germany (they used “Germanian.” Seriously, cant they think of a different name? I would have prefered if they used fictional names for each country but still the same places on Earth) is again involved in this fictional tale of magic vs. science; they already lost the war decades ago. There is no need to involve them in another tale whereas they are once again the bad guys.

  3. I see Jonas as the one who damn near ruins everything. He is going to confide in that spy and with that shall come a serious threat to the empire. The boy will definitely be a tragic figure, but I don’t see him getting killed. Maybe accused of treason, but not killed. Finé won’t allow it.

    1. Fair enough. I was kind of hoping for a return to the first two episodes where they were actually killing off characters but you are right that the last couple of episodes don’t really support that tone continuing.

      1. Once Izetta was killing indiscriminately and no longer worrying about being a murderer, I figured between the ecchi and that the show has taken a different road. Which, I gotta admit, is a bit upsetting for me. I like shows like this rooted in realism and with a sense of the weight a person takes on when they take a life. Sort of like Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash.

        1. Given his bullet proof introduction, you might be right. Maybe he can get captured by the enemy and coerced to speak. That would be entertaining.

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