Izetta: The Last Witch Episode 4


Izetta The Last Witch Episode 4 Review:

I asked for an explanation of how magic worked in this show and we more or less got it and that takes away any worries about inconsistency in Izetta’s powers during the tank fight. We also see Fine respond to her father’s death, the enemy dealing with the fall out of losing the battle, and Izetta gets her own PR agent (not really but it feels like it).

As an episode, this is kind of nothing. It’s all just set up and tying up loose ends from the first three episodes. If I were marathoning this show, it wouldn’t be a problem because all of this is needed information and will hopefully flow naturally into the next episode. As a stand alone watch though, this was kind of dull even as it gave us what we needed. The show is still pretty this week, though I’d have to ask where they even found that outfit they shoved Izetta into after the totally necessary bath scene. It’s not like any other female in the place is wearing something like that and they didn’t exactly have time to make it.

After a great start, Izetta definitely slowed things down a lot this week but I’m hopeful that now that they’ve laid some groundwork we can pick things up again next week.


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Karandi James

9 thoughts on “Izetta: The Last Witch Episode 4

  1. It was icky and dull which doesn’t make for a compelling watch especially as, like you say, a stand alone watch. I’m hoping there’s some pleasant surprises in store.

  2. I worry sometimes that this anime doesn’t know what it wants to be or if we should really take it serious or not. The ecchi feels so unnecessary, yet it seems like a gimmick it is sticking to and likely to make more dirty. Which is a shame since with us meeting the Germanian king and the possible political aspect of the show returning, it is hard to tell if things may get better, worse, or remain uneven.

    1. That’s really true, and I know that if it doesn’t sort it out soon this one is going to drop from being a must watch for me to just on my radar, which is a shame because I thought the first episode was really interesting.

  3. Defo a slower paced episode. It was to be expected to be honest, if it continued with Izetta just running rampant in the war with her powers, then it kind of makes her overpowered without ever explaining why. To me it made Izetta more human and less “witchy” in this episode. Her out fit is definately…unique.

  4. I was pretty happy with the explanation of powers, but yes.. compared to the last episode this one felt fairly deflated.

    The outfits are… unique. I understand the propaganda attempt in portraying Izetta as the White Witch reborn, but I don’t quite get the dress’s functionality. I mean, other than the obvious.

    Speaking of which, I’m not sure how much more Izetta’s endowments need to be showcased, but this is quickly becoming one of those types of shows.

    1. Which seems a shame. Yeah, we had a shower scene in the first episode but it didn’t seem like this was going to be a focal point for the series but this episode…
      That said, if the story had kept moving I wouldn’t really care about the bath sequence but there wasn’t really anything else to talk about from the episode.

  5. i was less interested in why her powers didnt always work and was more interested in how she was able to affect the world, honestly. but yeah, lull period episodes in weekly coverage are always troublesome

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