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Izetta episode 3 Review:

Izetta continues to be adorable even as it is set amongst a fictional version of a fairly dark moment in modern history. While at the moment it is all magic beating the military and smiles and celebrations it kind of feels like this is going to get a bit darker because sooner or later no one is going to be surprised when the witch swoops in.

If I had a complaint about this episode it is that there was almost zero character focus other than the Princess wringing her hands at her own uselessness and then making speeches which wasn’t particularly impressive. This episode was all very much battle focussed and while that was kind of cool, hopefully next week we can get back to a bit of character development with some of the action because otherwise our characters just won’t progress beyond their initial introductions.

Izetta continues to be beautiful to watch and this episode is probably worth it for the creative use of a medieval armoury.

Izetta: The Last Witch is available on Crunchyroll.

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Karandi James

9 thoughts on “Izetta: The Last Witch Episode 3

  1. I’m liking the overall direction this is heading, having found it to be a lukewarm starter. I hope there’s some surprises in store, other than the obvious turn of events that seem to lie ahead. Still, if nothing else it looks gorgeous and the combat is quite something.

  2. I love that I’m not the only one asking about developing these characters! Honestly, I dig this show but if I didn’t take notes I would forget everyone’s name while writing. Everyone is such a blank state and if this was a 24 episode deal then that would be OK. However, these shows are 10 to 12 episodes and it feels like they aren’t making these episodes count.

    Also, I agrees that finé isn’t as Aspiring as she should. I want to say it is because of her youth, but they have thus far made her seem clever so I was disappointed by her lackluster performance.

    Also, don’t you miss the tone of the first episode? The show still feels dark, but only because it is inspired by nazi Germany.

    1. I kind of thought that we’re trying to raise our spirits with the tone before things get crushingly dark later. Then again, maybe we’re all just expecting more from this show than what it is.

      1. I think that might be the case. For while the headshots were brutal, the first episode made it seem we would see death left and right, and Izetta made it seem like she couldn’t control her powers and likely killed accidently before, something about the way Izetta handled that battle was disappointing. It was like they toned it down for they felt it got too dark.

        I would love to know if they are going to include any sort of people who represent those who are Jewish. For a little while, I thought maybe witches maybe the substitute.

  3. Love the contrasting adjectives in the first sentence. I was on the fence about this anime just based on the first episode, which I did enjoy. For some odd reason, I have trouble getting into fantasy/historical anime even though I know I’ll like it, but this has motivated me to watch it.

    1. I’m often cautious about historical settings but in this case I’m just kind of going along for the ride and so far it is been interesting enough for that to work.

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