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Izetta Episode 12 Review:

I’ll give Izetta this, it at least resolves. It may be rushed, the final villain nonsensical, and the final battle may be completely boring to watch but I can’t argue that the story did not finish. I’m annoyed that they seemed unable to commit to Izetta actually sacrificing herself. I’m also annoyed that essentially they allowed the war to end exactly the way the real world war ended rather than allowing the magical sacrifice play a significant role (what is the point of alternative history that isn’t). However, I kind of liked Sieg’s fate as I felt it made that earlier death slightly more meaningful.

Come on, Sophie was throwing trains and they broke the Eiffel Tower for no reason other that because the could. That fight was over-extended rubbish full of action set pieces with no tension just stretching out the conclusion that actually could have been the opening move. Frustrating.

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Karandi James

10 thoughts on “Izetta: The Last Witch Episode 12

  1. It was pleasent in one aspect but not fulfulling in another. I suspect that Izetta was either horribly burned or disfigured since they just showed the top of her head.

  2. I had a feeling they wouldn’t take a dark route, but Izetta did effectively write herself out of the narrative. Just because she’s technically alive for the sake of a not-bleak ending doesn’t mean that she really has a place in the world anymore.

    The fight with Sophie was really the only part Izetta had to play. When it became apparent that the very existence of a witch was going to be a problem for the allies, we knew she and Sophie would have to destroy each other or lose their magic somehow. It was just action set pieces, but I don’t know what else they could have done. It did at least wrap up all the open questions about magic’s role going forward.

    Sieg I expected to die. Seeing Jonah’s image at the last moment was a nice touch, but I think someone in his role has done plenty of unsavory things in his time to let one soldier’s death weigh heavily on him. At least it gave some indication of the way that war can traumatize.

    I have no idea now Berkmann is alive, though.

      1. It matters for anyone who was invested in the relationship between her and Fine (considering it was half the series, there surely are some), but for the story, you’re right, it doesn’t.

        1. It was about half the series wasn’t it. I had no investment in that aspect because other than showing them being very clingy together they didn’t really build any kind of ‘relationship’ between the two. Fine saved her and Izetta felt indebted and that was literally all there was to there was. They didn’t build anything from that. So yeah, I guess if you cared about that relationship Izetta not being dead is probably a good thing, particularly as Fine probably wouldn’t have ever gotten over it.

    1. But the pointlessness of his death from both a narrative and strategic point of view had been bothering me so it was a nice attempt even if it didn’t really pull it off.

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